Random Life Lessons Teens Need to Know

5 Important (but Random) Lessons Teens Need to Know

You thought you had a lot of lessons to teach your toddler? Well I hate to break it to you, but potty training and spoon feeding are only messy in the5 things teens need to know literal terms when it comes to the lessons you will have to teach your teens and tweens. Most of our kids friends are pretty smart and self-sufficient, but every now and then we’ll talk about something and they have no idea how they would solve the issue.

There are a lot of lessons our kids need to know but these are five that are off the top of my head..

You’re not always going to like everyone – And everyone is not going to like you. Better get used to it and figure out how you are going to work your way thru it. I’ve seen too many parents move their kids out of classes because they didn’t “like” the teacher – before they even gave them a chance. While it’s harder in school to ignore and move away from people you’re forced to be with, it’s a good lesson of life to figure out how to tolerate someone long enough to get thru a project.

How to read a recipe – Your kids are going to need to know how to cook one day, so this is a really important skill to have. We love to cook and our girls enjoy working on fun things in the kitchen with us. Sometimes, now that they’re older, we ask and rely on them to help get things ready for dinner during the work week. While I still have to remind them to “read ALL the directions before you start”, for the most part they’ve got a good handle on how to do it. One of them can even make a mean red velvet cake!

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Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey – No joke. I did not learn this until I was around 25 years old. Can you imagine going thru your entire life not knowing how the hell to get a cap or a hose on or off on the first try?? My life changed completely when my Dad finally taught me this lesson.

How to do laundry – My friend Arminda tells a funny but true story that when she was growing up in her big family of 7 (?) as soon as you were tall enough to reach the washing machine, you were old enough to do laundry. While I didn’t quite start mine that young, with a family of 5 I promise you – they do their own. Don’t have anything clean to wear? Oh well – guess you should have done your laundry. Some large families (larger than Arminda’s) may benefit greatly from the likes of this award winning commercial laundry company, PHS Besafe to handle the families laundry if it becomes too much.

How to be a bargain shopper – I don’t care if you have a crap-ton of money, you can always find ways to save. I work hard for my money and I try to hold on to it as long as possible. There are some things that I don’t chimp on but it’s rare that I don’t comparison shop before most purchases. I’ve been taking my girls shopping with me for so long and they’ve learned that if they want something out of the ordinary (Lunchables for instance), they don’t even bring it to my attention if it’s not on sale. They’re also becoming pretty darn good at shopping for their clothes at places like Plato’s Closet and other consignment shops. They’ve discovered that they like getting 3x the amount of stuff for the same amount of money.

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September 8, 2014 at 10:07 pm

Laundry and cooking are big on my list. Would you believe that my two younger kids are more proficient in these areas than my oldest? One more year before he goes to college so we need to work on these!
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September 8, 2014 at 12:55 pm

I’m laughing about your tip on turning dials – too funny!!! We really do need to teach this. I wrote a blog once on what to teach kids before they leave home.. laundry and cooking are definitely on the list. And if you have girls, its great to teach them that bargain shopping for clothes is a cool thing. I considered it a cause for celebration when my daughter expressed shock at how much her friends were wasting on clothing that she could get at XXX store for so much less:)
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September 8, 2014 at 7:50 am

Cooking, tidying, washing dishes and clothes are essential skills when they go to college. Those skills should be gained well before they are at that age. My daughter tells me some horror stories about her friends’ college rooms. Someone has to call them in order to find the cell phone among the heap of clothes on the floor. It is a joke but not a funny one.
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