5 on Friday – 5 Things I’ll Miss About Elementary School

5th Grade Graduation

I’m not going to lie. Today is going to be a tough day for me. Today is our very last day of elementary school. As in – ever.  We’ve been thru 5th grade graduation (or moving up day) 4 years ago with Mackenzie and then 2 years ago with Sydney and while they were emotional, I was able to muster thru because there was a sibling still there.

And now with Cassie graduating from the 5th grade, we’re done.


These 8 years at Sherwood have been fun. While we’ve had our shares of challenges, for the most part it has been a great experience. We’ve been blessed to have had some of the kindest teachers who truly had our kids best interests at heart. Even when they had to teach to standardized testing and common core, they did their best to make it fun for our girls and their classmates. It was a nurturing and warm place to get our girls ready for the next phase of their education.

It’s so funny.. when we walked into back to school night this past fall, my attitude was all “I’m so glad this is our last year here” and “I’m glad I don’t have to ask for programming help anymore”.
And then it finally clicked into my thick head that our last year here, meant it was our last year of (what I now know) true innocence.  Elementary school is the longest stretch of time you’ll spend in one school – half of their primary education is in elementary school. And if you think elementary school goes quick, just wait until you get to middle school. And then high school.

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So in honor of our final year day here, here are the 5 things that I’ll miss about elementary school:

  1. Constantly Being There – I know this completely goes against what I normally say, but you are hardly ever at the middle school. I actually felt sorry for the moms that were HEAVILY involved at the elementary school when they moved to middle school. I’m sure they were at a loss.
  2. Lunch with the girls – Even if they SAY they want you to come, I promise that it will be short lived. When all three girls were in elementary, we had lunch with each of them every month on the date of their birthday. Now? Never. Of course they want us to bring them lunch, but even that’s rare.
  3.  1 – 2 Teachers – In public school, your classes aren’t as small as private, but I will miss having only one or two teachers for my kid. It’s easier to have a deeper relationship with them than in middle school. I’m not saying the teachers in middle school don’t care, there’s just more teachers involved. And of course, more kids to teach.
  4. Seeing the same kids – One thing that surprised me when Mackenzie got to middle school was that out of her elementary school class of 100 kids, SIX were on her team in middle school. Although, with all the mean girl stuff that she went thru, that was a blessing. When your kids go to school with the same group of kids for six years, those kids wiggle their way into your heart. I miss seeing them.
  5. Family Events – The elementary schools do a lot of fun, social, family events. I can’t say that I have attended more than a handful of those at the middle school and high school level. What I love is how excited the kids get and boy-howdy – you can guarantee you don’t miss a single one.
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There are more things that I’ll miss but since it’s 5th grade graduation, 5 seemed the perfect number.

Okay.. I’m off to look for my waterproof mascara because this hard-nose mama is quite certain to be shedding a few tears right around 1pm EST.



June 17, 2014 at 7:01 pm

Awww… congrats to your daughter on her 5th grade graduation. There are still so many things I miss about elementary school. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL summer!
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