5th Grade Graduation

When I was growing up (wayyyy back when), there were no graduation ceremonies until the BIG one at High School.  Flash forward as the mom of three girls and I have already participated in 2 pre-K and 3 kindergarten graduations.  I must say though, that I'm really not ready for the 5th grade graduation.  Maybe because it's my "baby" and I know that this is the beginning of the end. Graduation

Going into middle school is a bit different than preschool or elementary school and maybe that's why I'm nervous and sad. I remember middle school and actually loved it. I was lucky, though. I wasn't overly concerned about the cliques. Rather, I was the social butterfly and floated from group to group while being true to my core group of friends.  Sadly, I've already seen the "mean girl" situations pop up with my oldest and have learned already that jumping in to "help" really doesn't help at all. All I can do is offer advice on ways to handle the little twits (insert stronger word here) that feed their insecurities by traumatizing those that are warm and giving.

So… I'm not so excited about moving into middle school where she will be back at the bottom of the pile and susceptible to older and wiser mean girls.  Or maybe I'm not excited because I know that after THIS graduation, will be the next one and then the BIG one where my baby will actually be flying the coop.

Any advice for this 1st time 5th grade graduation mom??


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