Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate

7 Stories. 1 Rumor – Seven Ways We Lie – a Review

7 different stories about the same rumor gone afloat, all in one book.

Sydney and Riley
Perfect timing! Sydney had the chance to meet author Riley Redgate!

Riley Redgate released her first Young Adult novel in early March that reads the name “Seven Ways We Lie”. The book title relates to the seven deadly sins, which each main character owns to one of them. The book follows the group of 7 students, some who’ve never even thought about talking or interacting before, into a whirlwind of an event taken place at their school. A student is having an affair with a teacher. The school goes abuzz, rumors drifting from ear to ear, but we really only follow 7 very different profiles, each with their own secret to keep.

The book is written in 7 different POVs and honestly, it’s pretty cool. You don’t just see it from one end, you see it from all of them. It relates to everyday issues for some teens and deals with stuff that quite a few kids could easily relate to. Slut shaming, bad breakups, parental issues and more subjects that Redgate wrote well.

Seven Ways We Lie” brought me in by the description and I’m glad I had the opportunity to read it.

Now a question I am all too excited to answer and maybe you’ve been wondering, ‘Who’s your favorite lie?’.

That would most definitely be Claire whose sin is the all too familiar envy. People may read her as someone who is kind of a *insert rude word here* but I really felt like I could connect with her in some of the chapters. The way she feels her friends are almost closer to each other than she is to them, is something I have felt for sure in multiple cases. However, the way Juniper (Gluttony) is written is my favorite, as it seems almost poetic.

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If you’re looking for a good book to read, this is definitely a pick me up. Also if you like it, you only have to wait a year before Redgate releases an entirely new book, which yes, I will be (very) patiently waiting for. But that is what a completely other post is for.

In total, I happily give the book a 5 star rating!

That’s all from me!

Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate


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