Auditioning for The Amazing Race

It all started innocently enough.. you know.. how everything starts these days. With a Facebook auditioning for a reality showstatus update.

“The Rooster won’t do it with me, my mom will be out of town and my kids are too young. So, who’s auditioning with me?”

If you’ve never seen the show, 12 teams of 2 race around the world solving clues, testing their strength and endurance for a shot at winning $1,000,000. There are also fabulous trips and prizes given along the way for being first to make it to the check in.

I was amazed that a casting call was happening this close to us – much less in our town. I knew the Rooster wouldn’t do it unless I begged him (and promised endless wifely favors) and really – who would sign up to play parent to our 3 busy kids for an entire month? (truth – I know my MIL and mom both would have stepped in to help..)

I’d pretty much forgotten about the whole idea until one day, at the office, Adrienne tells me that she thinks WE should audition together as a team. I mean, we’re both successful business women who aren’t afraid of anything – they’d be crazy to not pick us, right?!

And I realize, she has a point. Why not? We’d make a great team.. we compliment each other extremely well and both have a shrewd, mad, analytical skills. We may not make it, but I know the one way to guarantee we don’t make it and that’s not to audition.

Over the next few weeks, we make some very important decisions such as…

  • Who’s going to handle the extreme sports? Answer – if it involves heights, Adrienne
  • What about the food challenges? In the words of Adrienne, “I’m not eating any gross crap”.. Answer – guess that would be me.
  • Who’s going to run the office while we’re gone? Answer: We’ll work 90 hours a week until we leave and the team will be fine. 
  • Will be able to survive a month without electronic equipment? Well, we can use our daily stipend to buy a camera over there, but then we’re sleeping on the streets. Answer: Yes.. we’ll survive. Somehow.
  • Should we wear matching outfits to audition? What about costumes? (Kristen’s) Answer: Not just no but Hell No. 
  • Can we ever manage to NOT use our “colorful” language? Answer: Errr… good thing there’s a bleep button and editing… 
  • That no matter what, if we make it, we MUST drag our butts to the gym for some intense conditioning.
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Then we start pouring over the interwebz to figure out what to expect during the audition..

  • You’ve got 60 seconds to film a video and convince the producers why you would make a good Amazing Race team. And no, “Because I’m awesome is not sufficient”.
  • If you get thru the first round, you go to LA for a face to face interview with the “real” Amazing Race producers.
  • Don’t try and butter up for the first round.. they’re affiliate stations just recording.
  • If you make it to THE Race, you will be gone for a month. With no access to anything or anyone. If you get eliminated, you will be taken to some undisclosed location to bunker down until the end of the race.
  • While auditioning in an open casting call is great, you’ve got a lot of competition. Of which your biggest competition isn’t even there… they’re the ones who’ve sent in 2 minute audition tapes that THEY recorded. In my opinion, those are the ones to beat.
  • You’ll spend a lot of time waiting to be seen for 60 seconds. Our location wasn’t that bad.. we got there at 7:30 and were 17th in line. I’ve read of places where people spent the night and were STILL 100th. The upside to that is you get to meet some cool people and it gives you time to rehearse your skit.
  • Yes, you should script out what you’re going to say but don’t be TOO scripted that you sound like a bad, local tv commercial.

Without further ado, I will tell the rest of the stories in pictures. Because they’re priceless, I promise 🙂

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I have no idea if we’ll make it or not, but it was a fun experience. I would LOVE to “disappear” for a few weeks and know it would be something that we would never forget. But for now, we wait!