I survived the anti-party. And while we had eight girls in the house (one of the nine had to bail last minute) it really wasn’t that bad.

People think I’m crazy when I willingly invite a friend over for each girl but really… it’s easier. Then, everyone has a buddy and they stay out of each others hair. Another thing that I’ve discovered is that it always has to be one on one. Or two on two. Never two on one. Always, always it has to be an even number.

Mackenzie had prepared me Thursday night that she and her friends would want to go to the mall on Friday as part of their anti-party and I actually thought it would be a good idea. That way the other, younger 4 would have a little “breathing room” without the big girls there and also give the Rooster a bit of a break from an incredible amount of estrogen overload.

So we went. To the mall on a Friday night. Me and 4 teens. I maintained a respectable distance behind the girls… far enough for them to have space but not so far to break the rules of the mall about kids under 18 being there alone. Girls being girls, we had to make the stops at all the shops along the way to the food court. Lucky for me, none of them had much money so most of the time was spent window shopping and a fun little experience of everyone trying on the same dress at Forever 21… How cute are they?? (is it still acceptable to say cute??)

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Sitting with the girls at the food court was definitely the highlight of the evening for me. From this chat I learned about the “other” party that was currently under away and the less than pleasant antics that were supposedly lined up for the night. I wasn’t too surprised (knowing who the offender was) but all I could think about was the scene in Carrie where she unknowingly walked into the prom thinking all the popular kids were her friends and on her side. Regardless of whether their stories were pure “gossip” the common theme is that the prevalent Queen Bee of their class is very much not liked. But my group of girls were perfectly happy to be away from that drama and in their own little world.

They laughed. They shopped. They talked about boys. They made fun of each other in the way that friends do. And for the most part, they got along without any drama.

And for this mom, that was a very good night.


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