Back to School Advice for my Daughters

Well, here we are… it’s back to school time again. This is our 11th first day of school and we have 6 more to go before we’re completely done. I love the first day of school more than I love back to school tipsthe first day of the new year but not why you think. To me (and most moms) this day is really the start of the new year. We have fresh new day-timers, pencils, notebooks and a chance to make a good great first impression.

The first day of anything is always a day full of excitement and nerves. From the first day of school to the first day of college to the first day of a new job. How do you make it easier and calm those nerves? I have no idea.. I usually just take a deep breath and wing it, but every year I try to have little pieces of conversations with my girls and hope that somehow, someway, it makes them feel better and sets them up for success.

  1. Save the Drama – Not even your mama wants it. If there’s one thing that is detrimental to your success, it’s drama. It is so easy to get sucked into the drama and so hard just to walk away. But that’s exactly what you need to do. Trust me, when you look back on it one day, you’ll see that nothing good comes from drama or gossip.
  2. Stay away from trouble – In the wise words of Maya Angelou, if you see trouble coming, cross the road and get away. You can always tell the bad seeds from the good seeds and while that bad boy may seem hot and exciting, the best thing that you can do is just leave him alone.
  3. Make friends – If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours! I know it sounds cheesy, but the best thing you can do sometimes is to extend some kindness to someone who is new or might be having a bad day. Think back to a time when you were the new kid and someone did the same to you. It’s a scary world when you think you’re all alone.
  4. Do your part to stop bullying – Don’t be a bully and don’t let others bully other kids. Bullying is an epidemic in our schools right now and it is almost impossible for teachers and school leaders to keep up with it. Do your part and if you see someone being bullied or being taken advantage of, be the big person and step in to help them.
  5. Get involved – I promise you school is a lot more fun if you’re involved in things other than just your circle of friends. Join a club! Whether it’s a social club, an academic club or something like robotics, expand your horizons and widen your circle. You will be a better person for it
  6. Care about your grades –  I know it seems silly to say in the sixth grade that grades are important, but they are. While the grades may not end up on your high school transcript, you need to develop good study skills as well as how to juggle a bunch of things at once. When you get to high school and the grades do matter, you’ll be better prepared to hit your goals.
  7. It may seem silly, but…  I know that you may think that you’ll never use certain pieces of math or English or science and you’re probably right. But in the meantime, not only do you have to learn them, but you have to do well in the classes – so do what you need to do to memorize it and pass the test with really good grades and then move on with your life. You can forget it all later when you do realize that no, you don’t need to know the Pythagorean theorem to survive in life.
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I just dropped each of you off and I hope that you have a magical day. I hope this year is the best year that you’re ever going to have until next year and then I hope that year is the best year that you’re ever going to have. Smile, make new friends, make great memories, but most of all – learn and have a good time and know how proud I am of each one of you.

I love you,