Belly Up for Some Sweet Treats and Smokin’ Eats

Two Great Eats in the Twin City!

I love to eat year round but there is something about the food in the summer that makes it especially more enjoyable. Perhaps it’s the availability of fresh, local produce that makes the farm-to-table experience even more flavorful or maybe it’s the fact that the days are longer and if it’s not the middle of a heat wave, you can enjoy your food al fresco!!

Summer is also the perfect time for the two things that I want to tell you about here… ice-cream and barbeque. I mean.. does anything scream summer like cold ice-cream on a hot summer day (and lord knows we’ve had our share of those lately) or the smell of the grill? I think not. So grab your napkins and silverware and get ready to drool!

Dewey’s Bakery Blends Ice Cream

This past Thursday, I showed up at the Dewey’s Bakery at Thruway Center at 11am for a special tasting with a couple of The new collection of 12 Bakery Blends from Dewey's Bakerymy favorite, fellow bloggers – Kristi Maier and Kirby Carespodi. There were more in the afternoon group but only the fearless were willing to consume vast amounts of sugar for breakfast. Well, it was my breakfast at least…

Dewey’s has long been known for their amazing cakes, cookies, and sweet breads cooked up in their in house convection oven setup, as the flavors and textures are outstanding! Those cookies of theirs are dangerously addictive. That would be enough on its own, but a few years ago they bought Blue Ridge Ice Cream and have since been working on ways to incorporate the two treats into one mind-blowing culinary experience. Well, I can tell you first hand they have done it with their 12 new flavors of Bakery Blend ice creams.

You know when you go to a party and there’s cake and ice cream? And you put them on the same plate and the ice cream kind of melts and becomes one with the cake? That’s what Dewey’s has done with their special blends. According to Owner and CEO, Scott Livengood: “Our ice cream is fresh churned, and fold pieces of cake, cookies and other treats until we have a 50-50 ratio of ice cream to baked good.”

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Sound too good to be true? It’s not. I was given 6 of the 12 flavors to sample:

The new collection of 12 Bakery Blends from Dewey's Bakery

Pictured above are Banana Pudding, Moravian Sugar Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Oatmeal Sandwich, Pink Lemonade and S’mores. While they were all incredibly delicious, my personal favorites were Banana Pudding and S’mores. Pink Lemonade and Red Velvet Cake were great and the Moravian Sugar Cake had a lovely cinnamon flavoring but the Oatmeal Sandwich was my least favorite (but it was Kristi’s favorite, so there you go!!).

The other 6 flavors that they have created are Carrot Cake, Slated Caramel Cake, Triple Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Cake, Birthday Cake and Key Lime Cake. I brought a pint of the latter two home and after tasting the Key Lime, that one may end up being my go-to from now on!!

Taste buds salivating yet? Head over to the Dewey’s at Thruway and order one of the 12 flavors and if you post a picture on Instagram, make sure you tag them (@deweysbakery) before August 15th as they’re giving away 5 quarts of ice cream!!

The new collection of 12 Bakery Blends from Dewey's Bakery



LuvLuv Festival at Spring House Restaurant

It’s no secret that I absolutely love and adore Tim Grandinetti who is the Chef/Partner at Spring House. I met Tim 9 6th annual LuvLuv Festival at Spring House Restaurantyears ago when he was appearing as his alter ego, Dr. Brownstone at the Twin City Rib Fest. He left for other opportunities shortly afterward but as we all know, the Twin City Siren can be strong and he came back for good. Well, I hope it’s for good.

Anyone who knows Tim knows that he loves a good time and to surround himself with amazing people. Considering he’s a culinary God (my words, not his) obviously a lot of his ‘people’ are in the food world so what could be more fun than getting them all together for a week of epicurean explosion? Friends, I give you LuvLuv!!

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The 6th Annual Dr. Brownstone’s Sweet Summer Luv Luv Festival: Five Days of Deliciousness August 9th-August 13th

The festival kicks off on Monday, August 8th, from 6pm-9pm, with a grillfest that celebrates the talents of our local chef community, featuring Jeff Bacon, Triad Community Kitchen; Shane Moore, Foothills Brewing; Mark Little, Bibs Downtown; Greg Rollins, Graylyn Conference Center; Mark Grohman, Meridian; Jared Tipton & Larry McFadden, Spring House; Travis Myers, Willow’s; John & Buddy Milner, Milner’s; Chris Fulk, Quanto Basta; and Alexandria Caesar, vin205.

Guess who’s one of the judges on Monday night?! Yours truly!!!

I’m not sure how Tim’s going to fit all those chefs in one kitchen but far be it from me to think too much about anything but the delicious goodness that will be coming out of it. Those are some of the best chefs in our town and individually they do not disappoint so I can only imagine what’s going to happen when they get together!!

About the rest of the week –

Each evening during the festival, guests will be treated to a gourmet cookout: multi-course tasting menus showcasing “hot-off-the-grill” specialties prepared by an all-star cast of visiting chefs, including: Wil Pelly of St. Louis, MO; Mark Beaupre; Eric Martinez, Orlando, FL; Ted Reader; Tim Recher; Andy Annat, Crackerjack BBQ, North Yorkshire, England; Ray Lampe; Kurtis Jantz & Fabian di Paolo, Miami, FL; and Grady Spears, Fort Worth, TX. Each evening’s tasting menu will be paired with fine wines, spirits and top-notch NC microbrews. Pricing for each evening’s event will be $69.00 per person.

6th annual LuvLuv Festival at Spring House Restaurant

If you’ve never attended LuvLuv, do yourself a favor and get a reservation ASAP. It’s an amazing way to spend the evening with friends!!



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