Parents are always proud of their kids. It’s our right to brag about what they do and it’s a good friend (or friends!) who listens as you take your turn. Of course, you have to be on the listening end as well. While I’ve never been in the camp of praising kids for every single thing they do “YAY!! You got up this morning!!”, I also believe that you need to praise them when they really DO something great.  And that especially holds true when they do something completely out of the blue that you never saw coming. Like Cassie last year when she suddenly decided to cut her hair off for Locks of Love. Never saw that one coming.

This is my bragging story of the day/month/year. 

A few months ago in her typical, laid back way, we found out that Sydney had entered an essay contest that was being sponsored by the Elks. She had not only entered, but she won first place at the 7th grade level. Steve asked if I knew anything about it and I replied that it was the first  that I had heard about it. But that’s her personality. She doesn’t ask for or expect a lot of fanfare and just like her sense of humor – it’s very subtle but on the mark and extremely intelligent.  We were so excited for her and again, in typical Sydney fashion, she was nonchalant about it. Maybe we haven’t tooted  her horn enough growing up?? I understand that essays are getting harder and harder to write nowadays and students are having to use an essay writer service just to keep up so that makes me feel so much prouder!

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So tonight we went to the awards ceremony so she and the other student winners could be honored for their contributions. The topic of the essay was “What Does Veterans Day Mean to Me?” and I may be biased, but I think she did a darn good job. Definitely made her Dad a little misty eyed.


What Does Veterans Day Mean to Me?

 What does Veterans Day mean to me? Well it’s not about getting out of school or watching the parade. No that’s not it at all. It’s all about thanking and remembering those who fought for our country. It’s about thinking how many men and women fight for our freedom. This is a day meant for them, even if we think of them every other day of the year. On this day I celebrate it with my family because my dad served in the Navy before he wed and had kids. I love celebrating and remembering this day because when I’m older I want to serve our country and fight for all the people who live here.

Last year I asked my class ‘Would you rather fight and possibly die, but have your family and friends safe? Or not fight and live?’ I was surprised with the answers. There were only 2 people, not including myself who raised their hand to fight. I thought of this for a while and then something hit me. The people who raised their hands would one day be a veteran and be thought of while they are fighting. And this would give them the strength to keep moving forward. I believe that’s why all of our countries defenders keep doing what their doing. To fight for their loved ones. So if you were to ask me what Veterans Day meant, this is what I would tell you.

Sydney Daukas

7th Grade


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Thank you Sydney, for being such an awesome kid. I love you to the moon and back and am so, so proud of you.