But First, Let Me Check My Shelfies

Filling Up the Shelfie with Netflix Shows!

Today is the day!! What day is that, you ask?? It’s the day that all TV fans rejoice in… Fall premiers start today!! It’s a day the Rooster and I look forward to all summer long. Sure we love our summer shows and binge watching shows we didn’t get to see last season, but getting back to business with shows like Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, Empire, Big Bang Theory and more is like having a welcome home party with all your friends. (We also look forward to meeting new friends and watching their shows but it’s always a crapshoot on which ones we stick with.) Scandal

The problem these days is that there are SO many choices to watch. It’s not like the 80’s or even the 90’s when you were pretty much stuck with major networks and premium channels like HBO and Showtime. We humans love our series tv and there is just no way possible to catch them all while they’re actually running. If you can – please tell me how you do it.. I only have so much time to watch TV, so I’m picking and choosing very carefully. And relying on Netflix. 

I have a lot of friends who live and breathe by their DVR, but I’m one of those people who, if it doesn’t get watched the first run, it’s just never getting watched. My DVR would fill to max capacity and I would end up deleting show after show, so I figure why bother.

And this is why, at least twice a year, I’m looking to Facebook and Twitter for recommendations on shows that I missed that I need to binge watch on Netflix. I get everyone’s input… dissect which ones are for the two of us (Sons, Cards, Breaking Bad) and which ones are more suitable for my Sunday night bedroom escape when he’s watching football.

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So, what’s on our binge watching “shelfie” these days? Quite a bit but here are the top 3 – at least in my book.

  • Mad Men – I am so ashamed to admit that we haven’t watched this show. I started the first episode a couple of years ago when the Rooster was out-of-town but stopped it halfway thru because I knew he’d love it. Maybe this will be our Christmas break binge.
  • Madam Secretary – I love this show but it’s on at the same time as Once Upon a Time. The only time I get to see it is when a football game runs late and then everything else runs late.
  • Scandal – I think the Rooster would like this show.. he wasn’t sold on House of Cards at first and now he’s really into it. Regardless, it’s definitely on MY shelfie to watch… with or without him.

I think I’ve said this here before… I could disconnect my cable today if the Rooster would let me. Thanks to the endless shows streaming on Netflix, Roku and Apple TV I see zero need for cable anymore. Even though I say I don’t use my DVR, if it came down to it – there’s nothing I need to see in real-time… It’s all available somewhere for me to watch when I want to 🙂


DISCLAIMER: We’re big fans and long-time subscribers of Netflix and I’m proud to be a member for the Netflix StreamTeam. I received a Netflix subscription and a streaming device in return for posting awesome posts like these and keeping you up to date! All opinions, of course, are my own.

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