Can You Say Girl Scout Cookies???

It’s peanut butter jelly Girl Scout cookie time! Well, almost. The official selling season doesn’t start until December 29th but I just had to share this little teaser with you.

Our Junior troop created a video set to the tune of “Call me Maybe” (you know you’ve made it big when your song gets tweaked into one about cookies…) to tell you why you should buy Girl Scout cookies (as if you need a reason). I’d also like to thank the bestie for spearheading this project because if you think herding cats is hard, try getting 13 9-year-olds to make a video.

But it’s so cute and you really need to watch it and then tell me how many boxes you want to order.


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December 19, 2012 at 9:05 am

Hook me up! I’ll email you my order…must. have. thin. mints.

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