Okay… that’s a bit drastic but let me just cut to the chase and tell you the punchline before the joke:

Cascade Platinum Pacs Dishwashing Detergent rocks. And it rocks HARD.

Now I’ll back up and tell you the story. When I signed up to test the new Cascade Platinum they had cascade platinum pacsa little part where I could tell Mom Central Consulting “anything additional” about why I wanted to test it out and here’s what I jokingly said:

“I want to test it out because I bet it won’t work in my house. My dishwasher is old and my kids just don’t get that you HAVE to rinse them off. It’s like the rules of camping.. garbage in.. garbage out.”

Cascade and Mom Central provided me with a pack of 14 Platinum Pacs to test them out and I was still skeptical.. the Bestie and Little Mama have the kind of dishwasher that turbo washes their dishes clean. I suspect it even puts them away but I’m not 100% of that yet.

Here’s how loading the dishwasher goes in our house:

One of the girls half-heartedly tosses the dinner dishes in there at night. The next morning, the coffee cups and barely-rinsed-off cereal bowls get put in next. Then, the next night of dinner dishes get crammed on top of all that. As I’m going to bed, I’ll open it up to put in my wine glass and have to rearrange the whole “upstairs” in the hopes that our 10-year-old machine’s jets will be able to spit a small stream of water on it. The next day, it gets unloaded and IF the dishes had been properly pre-scrubbed, the same dishes MAY not need to be re-washed. And.. I almost always had to rewash any glassware by hand.

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See why I was skeptical?? That’s a tough job to handle.

The FIRST time I used the Cascade Platinum not only were my (wine) glasses sparkly, the dishes were squeaky clean and Oh My God was the inside of my 10-year-old dishwasher spotless. (The only thing that I didn’t like was that the first couple of times, the material that the pacs were wrapped in didn’t dissolve all the way. On the 3rd wash, I decided to try turning them “powder” side up and from then on didn’t have an issue.)

I decided to really stress out the pretty little Platinum Pacs this weekend and literally loaded our machine up with a TON of crap. Salsa bowl just tossed in.. No pre-washing the dishes, no rinsing the silverware – nothing. Mackenzie looked at me like I’d lost my mind when I told her that.

Let’s let the pictures speak for themselves….

the calgon test

Can you believe that? Those dishes were SPOTLESS. The salsa was gone.. the dried on enchilada sauce – vanished. My glasses twinkled they were so clean.  You guys I don’t think I have EVER been more impressed with a household cleaner..  I am the QUEEN of buying store brands with a few exceptions.. Charmin and SaranWrap are two of them. I think I may have just found the third.

Make sure you check out Cascade’s Facebook page and they have a GREAT Instagram contest going on right now.. just use the #MyPlatinum when you post your photo.

As I mentioned up above.. I was provided with a bag of the (awesome) Cascade Platinum Pacs to help me with this post but as always, the opinions here are my own. Lucky for them, I LOVED this product 😉