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 Kristen Daukas -Thought Leader on Social Media, Technology and Parenting Teens


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Kristen Daukas - Training Parents and Adults About Teens and Their Technology

I am a 14-year veteran blogger who writes about entertainment, technology, social media, parenting teens and tweens, little life hacks that get her thru the day, as well as other odds. I've worked with dozens of companies across the country as an influencer and have been an ambassador with Netflix for more than 4 years.What are your kids hiding behind the secret vault apps on their smartphones? As a seasoned digital and social media marketing executive, I have trained countless companies on the proper use of social media and technology.  As the mother of 3 teenaged daughters who belong to what I dub the "digital generation", I am often approached by parents, other adults, and the media who are concerned about the use of apps, sites, and devices that their kids are using. What began as a Parenting Boot Camp more than 5 years ago (as a way to give parents a ‘crash course’ on all the new things they were facing when it came to parenting their tweens and teens) has grown into a full servicing of ways to help parents and adults. From parenting workshops, a website dedicated to the parents of teens and tweens, and an online webinar series that teaches parents and adults everything they need to know about what their kids are doing online. The Social Parent Social is like a Tupperware party for technology where I go into the homes of parents and school assemblies to give them ALL the dirty secrets of the apps their kids are using! I've jokingly referred to myself as “every teen and tweens worst nightmare” because of the inside scoop that I give parents and adults.