An Obsession With Boobs

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I’m obsessed with boobs. Not the “oh my God what a jerk – he’s such a boob” variety but rather, the female variety. Before you cast me off as some whack job or call the local authorities, let me explain. I know I sound like some teenage boy who can’t stop watching videos, but hear me out. As the…


Why I Love Twitter and Some of the Great Tweeps I’ve Met

Lifestyle, Social Media and Technology By October 15, 2010 Tags: , , , 2 Comments

People are often amazed at how much I love Twitter. Maybe it's my ADD, maybe it's our society, but I love the quick bursts of information. Yes, I often miss some things because of the rapid fire atmosphere,  but once you get in a groove (and create lists and use a 3rd party app like Hootsuite) it is the greatest…


What My Facebook Status Says..

Lifestyle By September 7, 2010 No Comments

Doing what I do during the evening.. chilling out.. glass of wine.. Rooster by my side.. Something on the tv and mindless fun on the computer.  Came across a status analyzer on Facebook and let it run on my profile.  Here's what it had to say. Or rather, words I've used most frequently in my status updates.. Used 22 times:…


Girls Weekend

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For the first time EVER, I headed out of town for a girl’s weekend. We had a great time eating tons of incredible food, drinking fine wine and laughing hysterically.  There was some beading activities and Guitar Hero was the game of the weekend.  The weather was very cooperative and much time was spent swimming and sunning..  We’ve already planned…


Brianna’s Competition

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We have always been lucky with the neighbors that have surrounded us in the past, so to say the least, we were a bit nervous moving into our new neighborhood not knowing what the neighbors were like. Holy moly did we get lucky! All of our neighbors are incredible and very happy to have us on the circle.  Our neighbors…