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What Do You Say – Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas

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I’m not here to argue the politics of religion (or dancing for that matter) but more the phrases people use this time of year. The topic always pops up in December.. do you say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, does it really offend you if someone doesn’t use “Happy Holidays”? In my 30+ years (I’m…


The Difference Between Wanting and Expecting

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Running the shuttle yesterday, Mackenzie and I drove thru one of the older neighborhoods in our area. You know the ones – with the big, old, huge estates that the people who built the towns used to live in. The houses that are enviable even to those who know the secrets that often live behind the doors.┬áRight on cue, she…

When is it okay to break the barrier

What’s Off Limits in Your Relationship

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When is it safe to break the “barrier”? I’m going to come right out and say it. This post was inspired by friend and blogging goddess, Gini Dietrich. See, every Friday, she puts out Gin and Topics which is a sampling of videos that has made her react somehow during the week – tears, laughs, whatever, and it’s almost always…

mommy and me date ideas for your older girls

Date Ideas for Your Teens

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Remember when your kids were younger and all they wanted to do was spend time with you? And all you could think after 8 non-stop hours was “can’t I even PEE in peace??”. Flash forward a couple of years and suddenly you’re all sniffly because you can’t even buy 8 SECONDS of together time, right? Not me. My kids want…


Looking For Winston-Salem’s Cinderella for a Prom Makeover!!

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Who Do You Know That Deserves a Prom Makeover? I am on the lookout for a real life Cinderella. This Cinderella is a high school girl who wants to go to prom so desperately but maybe she can’t afford it.. maybe she’s too busy with community work or sports that she doesn’t think about herself…or her parents can’t help with…


Discipline: Putting the Hammer Down on the Kids (take 2)

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I don’t give advice very often but if you ask me for it, I’ll definitely tell you what I think. Maybe that’s why not too many people who are in child-birthing years ask me for parenting advice. If they did, our population might dry up on the spot. But I DO have advice, I really, really do!! And since no…