Wondering why things look a little bit different here? Well, that’s because I’ve rebranded! Call it an evolution of sorts.

When I started this site back in 2004 as Four Hens and a Rooster, I did so in an effort to keep our families up to date on the day-to-day happenings of our life and as a way for everyone to watch the girls grow up. It eventually morphed into less of a personal journal and more into a place where I could give my take on being a parent to three daughters. Then I added more topics such as entertainment, reviews, technology, social media, food, and more. Eventually, the conversations that were specific to my family became rare (they like their privacy, you know?) which led me to consider rebranding the site.

Why the Name Just Kristen?

After a lot of consideration and naming options, one day it just came to me – sort of like Four Hens did back in the day. Here’s why I chose to rename the site, Just Kristen…

…I wasn’t writing about the family anymore.. it was more about my experiences in life or general life observations or random other things….

…I felt shoe-horned into ‘only’ covering family/parenting topics and I have so many other topics that I want to dig into…

…People often ask “how do you do all that you do?” and my response is always “I dunno.. I’m just me”…

…One lesson that I’ve always taught my girls is that, at the end of their days, there was only one person going out with them and that’s themselves. Make sure you stay true to that person…

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… It was just time for a change…

…And finally, on a very personal note, I find myself navigating a situation that many, many others are going thru or have already been thru – a separation. So it really is “just” me now.

What Can You Expect Now?

Not too much will change, honestly. But I get to start covering topics that speak to me and that I want to talk about. While I won’t be getting into the details of my separation, one thing that I have found since this started is that there are a LOT of you out there who may find themselves in a similar situation and have zero clues how to feel or what to do. The “single” world is a different place now than it was when most of us got married but while the game may have changed, the players are still very similar. My approach is going to be this – if I’m looking online for answers, then others probably are too, so those are the kind of topics that I want to put out there in the hopes that it will help someone else.

Everything else will pretty much look the same… tech tips, how to deal with your teen’s social media habits, entertainment, local events, etc.

So there you have it… I appreciate you being here and sticking around. From here on out, it’s wheel’s up my friends!!