Conversations on the Rocks

Conversations on the Rocks – the Podcast

You know that I have (or had) a podcast over on Ten to Twenty Parenting but I’ve wanted to do my own podcast that wasn’t tied to ‘just’ parenting.

You know me… I have a lot to say. About everything.

Especially now that I found myself back in the dating world the past couple of years. Midlife dating is not for the weak, my friends!

Oh, the stories. And we all know the best stories happen over a cocktail and usually with a good friend or two.

You’ll never know what the topic of the week is going to be because it’s going to be whatever has my interest at the time.

Think you have a topic that’s worthy of being on the show?! Let me know! Send me a tweet at @kristendaukas or email me at Eventually, I’ll even get to the point where once a month I’ll do a live show where you (yes you!!) can call in with questions or comments. Because come on – let’s get real – you KNOW you want my insight on whatever it is that has you on fire today!!