Remember when your kids were younger and all they wanted to do was spend time with you? And all you could think after 8 non-stop hours was “can’t I even PEE in peace??”. Flash forward a couple of mommy and me date ideas for your older girlsyears and suddenly you’re all sniffly because you can’t even buy 8 SECONDS of together time, right?

Not me. My kids want to spend ALL their time with me and we never fight or argue. My life is awesome and you’re doing something wrong.

HAHA!!! Almost fooled you, didn’t I?? You were thinking that I was some kind of sanctimonious witch bragging about my wonderful life and teens, right?!

Y’all, please. I wish I could go for 8 seconds and NOT have someone screaming at someone else.

So what can you do to put some of the wonder and magic back in your relationships with your daughters? How about take them on a date? One on one, mommy and me, the skies the limit kind of date? Let’s recycle some of your old “toddler” dates into newer versions that are so awesome that they will never say no:

Play Hooky: Yep. Both of you. Don’t tell them about this ahead of time. Just one morning go about your normal day with the exception of you both just blew off your day. Sleep in, stay in your PJs all day, eat cupcakes for breakfast and brownies for lunch. Watch chick flicks and put on deep cleaning masks. Talk or don’t. My girls get a guaranteed hooky day for their birthday but I try to not make it ON their birthday so there’s an element of surprise to it. It’s a great way to reconnect and make it just about them.

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Glamor Puss: Go get a makeover at the Mac counter. It’s still as fun as when they did your makeup when they were little but with much better results. The only thing teen and preteen girls love more then playing with makeup is trying to make YOU look better. So for once, make it a positive conversation. And while you’re at it, why not try something new and fun?

Play Dress Up: Go to the mall and hit the stores that you love to ooh and ahh over but can’t afford and have a ball. Pick out the best outfits you can find, feel the fabrics and see what looks amazing on each of you. Pick out the “if we won the lottery” outfits and then take selfies in the mirror! Great way to get inspiration for which fashions look good on you and then if you can’t afford that line, go to TJMaxx and replicate it for cheaper!

Have Tea: If you’re lucky enough to have a tea room in your town, go have tea with your girl. If you’ve never been to one, they’re awesome. Usually in an older home, in the historic part of town and each room of the house is decorated with antique tables. Your menu consists of teas and finger sandwiches and mini desserts. It really is a lovely experience. If you really want to add to the experience, wear a hat. Not a baseball hat but a lovely, Easter bonnet kind of hat..

mommy and me date ideasArts and Crafts: You can either get your Pinterest on at home or go make a mess someplace else. My goal this year is to do a pinterest night with mine once a quarter at least. Mackenzie especially loves to find crafts to do on Pinterest and we had a blast doing several at Christmas last year. We also like to go to the Wine and Design kind of places and have quite a few of our masterpieces hanging around the house.

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So there you have it! Just because they’re ignoring you on a daily basis doesn’t mean you have to have it happen EVERY day! And yes, I realize that if you have boys this list may be sexist, but hopefully it will spark you to think of your own ideas of ways to update your former mommy and son dates. I’d love to hear what you would do!!