I heard an interesting statistic this morning. Couples who have daughters have a higher percentage of divorce rate than those with sons. I have three daughters which, according to this statistic, makes me 10% more likely to get divorced. This is on top of the already high 50% divorce rate.

Now, before you go spouting off at the mouth the “obvious” reasons (drama, hormones, all those women, etc.) that this rate exists, listen to the reasoning they gave:

  • 75% of the time, it’s the woman who initiates the divorce
  • Mothers of daughters are more likely to leave a bad marriage so that the daughters do not grow up thinking that is the way a marriage should be
  • Daughters offer more companionship than sons (don’t shoot the messenger) and thus, mothers tend to feel they need a husband less
  • Men/Fathers have more “sticktoitiveness” when it comes to sons than daughters

Okay.. now that I’m finished, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. Remember.. I did not write the report, I just repeated the report ūüėČ


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