If I were Bob Seger and this is what the papers had reduced me to, I would be hotter than hell and taking names. 

He and the Silver Bullets.. They of awesome tune "Hollywood Nights" (inspired by the lovely Cheryl Tiegs) legend.. The tons of amazing songs they cranked out – Turn the Page, Against the Wind, Like a Rock. Okay maybe not Like a Rock (thanks, Chevy trucks) Bob+Seger++the+Silver+Bullet+Band+Bob+Seger++the+Silver+Bullet+B

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band were the iconic 70's/80's band.

And then.. in todays Greensboro News & Record:

Rocker Bob Seger to perform in Greensboro

GREENSBORO — The legendary rocker whose voice beckoned Tom Cruise to dance in his tighty whities in "Risky Business" is set to perform in Greensboro. 

<<insert blah, blah, blah stuff here>>

Seger's hit songs include “Old Time Rock & Roll” and “Night Moves.”

Really? All of their accomplishments and they get immortalized by Tom Cruise in his underwear?

Not sure about you, but thanks to said Tom Cruise/Risky Business movie, I absolutely hate "Old Time Rock & Roll". (Did you know it was named the #2 jukebox single of all time by the  Amusement & Music Operators Association – behind only Patsy Cline's Crazy)

On second thought, I think I'll take names for the man.




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