Dear Kraft Foods…

An open letter to Kraft Foods…

Dear Kraft..  

For years I was the lucky recipient of your wonderful Food & Family magazine. I used most of the recipes because you wrote them for me or moms like me. Short on time, certain products (yours usually) always on hand and the desire to make a good, quick homemade meal.

Sadly, this stopped last year when you moved over to a paid subscription basis. Having been in the magazine industry, I know how much it costs to produce a magazine like that when you can't really sell advertising.

Here's my question.. considering how much I spend on your products, do you think there's any way I can scan and email barcodes for credit towards the $13 annual fee? I mean.. really.. I know I spend more than $30 a week in Kraft products. Can't I prove that to you and keep getting my magazine?

Hope you'll consider it.

Hugs and kisses –


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