Are you a white light or color light family?

With Thanksgiving so late this year, we split our decorating chores. The “decorations” went up the weekend before Thanksgiving and the tree went up last weekend which meant our house was a flurrywhich do you prefer white or colored lights of activity full of cleaning, rearranging and decorating. Every year we (meaning I) have the same conversation – where do we put the tree and should we ditch our normal decorations for something a bit more “elegant”.

And every year our tree ends up in the same spot with the same hodge podge of decorations and colored lights. Not just any colored lights but the giant, C7 variety. Big. Honking. Colored. Bulbs.

I love seeing my friends elegant trees with their bright, sparkling, white lights and coordinated ornaments. But it’s just not us.

Before we had kids (and even the first couple of Christmases that we did), we had “that” tree. A different color scheme each year and it was beautiful. But I decided that it just wasn’t right.There was no place on a “fancy” tree for personality. Those beautiful, hand-blown, glass ornaments had no story to tell.

We are reformed white light people. We are all about color, mismatched ornaments and we’re thiscloseto gaudy.

Christmas is for kids. Kids love color and kids love to make ornaments. My mother-in-law loves to give ornaments and every year the kids get another piece in the series that she’s currently on. We have ornaments from the Rooster’s childhood and the girls love to take them out and ask questions about when he got it, what it means, etc. Opening our box of ornaments is like opening a treasure trove of their childhood. There are ornaments from vacations. Ornaments they’ve made. Ornaments that tell a story.

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For all those with the perfectly decorated trees – I love them. But if you’re visiting my house during Christmas, don’t expect the same. Instead, you can expect a tree full of colored lights and  mismatched ornaments that have memories and tell stories. You might even find a gaudy, Griswold lawn decoration or two. And until my girls leave the house, that’s the way that it will stay.

And then they’ll have kids of their own and I will bring on the colored lights again!