Busy schedules and varying interests curtail a lot of crazy family outings in our house. We love crazy outings such as crazy golf, paintballing, visiting the zoo, and recently we’ve visited the bowling alley. You can click here now to find out more about bowling if you would like to have the same experience we’ve had! That and the fact that 9 times out of 10 they end up worthy of a Griswald labeling. I always have these grandiose images of happy, family memories and usually within 20 minutes, the Rooster and I are looking at each other wondering what in God’s name we were thinking and hope we make it thru to the end without killing someone or making some big public display of dysfunction.

So when I signed us up for the final running of Scene in Winston-Salem, it was met with a few eye rolls, why do we hafta’s and luckily even a few thru the roof excited. Mackenzie commiserated that she would be miserable because of her allergies being outside all day (valid) and Sydney had high hopes that it would be just like The Amazing Race – one of her favorite shows.

While it wasn’t quite The Amazing Race, it certainly didn’t turn into a Griswald moment, either. We worked together as a team… walked a lot more than we have in a while, danced the Macarena in the middle of the street, didn’t have to eat any nasty bugs (but ate lots of other good food!) and even though we didn’t complete all the 10 clues, had a blast trying and most importantly – doing it as a family. The cherry on top was that the Besties also participated in the hunt. This is the part where I leave out that their team of 3 completed 9 out of 10 clues.

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I hate that it’s the last year of the official hunt (rumor has it that it may return with different planners) but am so glad our schedule allowed for us to run it this year.

I’m proud of the girls for hanging tough – racing thru the day and the city – with very little complaining. It’s days like these that I live for.


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