I don’t watch many tv shows but the ones that I watch, I really love. My favorites over the years have great tv shows that ended before their timebeen across the board but the one thing that’s
consistent is that I always hate when they come to an end. I realize they all have to end (unless it’s the Simpsons… I don’t thing that show will ever end) but I always hate when they do.

Since next weekend brings us the finale of one of my favorites (Desperate Housewives) I started thinking about the ones that I really hated to see go.

Guiding Light – I watched this show from the time I was a latch-key kid in the 3rd grade almost religiously, until it ended in 2009. I lived to see what the evil Spauldings were up to, loved the family moments of the Bauers, the sophistication of the Chamberlains and the crazy Cooper and Reardon families. I lost touch with the show during my working days but like any good soap opera, I could tune in at any given time and know exactly what was going on.  I thought they did a great job for the series finale when once again Josh and Reva were together for what we can only hope is forever. Fact: I got the chance to meet Kim Zimmer at what was then the GGO when I was in middle school. Yes… I was awe struck and she was gracious. Still miss that show.

Las Vegas – This was one of those tv shows that had very little redeaming qualities to it but then again – it is TVLand. Somehow though, it pulled you in and those of us who liked the show, really, really liked it. It had Josh Duhamel, James Caan, James Lesure, Vanessa Marcil, Josh Duhamel (wait.. already said him), Molly Sims and in the end the always endearing Tom Selleck (it’s a sin he still is as hot now as he was when he was Magnum). What ticked me off on this one is that it became a victim of the writers strike and they just ended it… no end the storyline of Danny and Delinda’s pregnancy. Nothing. Just zip. Done. I’m still bitter over that one.

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Brothers & Sisters – Speaking of being bitter. This was another one of those tv shows that didn’t get the end that it deserved. Just a nasty, unceremonious pull of the plug. This show was a definite sleeper that had a small but passionate audience. I mean – the maven of the family was Sally Field! How do you pull the plug on NORMA RAE?? Really? And while some aren’t fans of Calista Flockhart, she was amazing on this show. So unfair they didn’t give the Walker family a proper goodbye.

Beverly Hills, 90210 – Oh. My. God. Still one of my all time favorite tv shows. Heaven help me should I be flipping thru channels and come across a 90210 episode or worse – a marathon.  I guess because this show started just a couple of years after I graduated high school that it resonated with me and all of my friends but there wasn’t an episode that I didn’t love. From the Dylan and Brenda love saga to Kelly fighting to find her inner strength and self esteem to David and Donna committing to a relationship without sex (until THAT fateful night), in my opinion, it was the first show to show a true opinion of high school. Well, as true as it could be considering the zipcode. And I promise you, I tried to embrace the “new” 90210 but even with them adding original cast members to the show, I just couldn’t do it.

Desperate Housewives – This one ends next weekend and I am sad to see the women of Wisteria Lane go. This show started off strong in the beginning and then almost “jumped the shark” in seasons 3 and 4. Thankfully, Marc Cherry saw this and did one of those flash forward moves that took us 5 years into the future and the ladies were back.  The 4 main characters are as different as they come, but the one thing that they all held true to is their friendships to each other. I like how this last season has progressed and I have no doubt that next weekends finale will be fitting of the stories that have been woven over the past 8 years.

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24 – Sigh. How I miss this show. Not just because I adore Kiefer Sutherland but it really was a great show. Yes, the last couple of seasons weren’t as great as the first ones but how can you resist Jack Bauer? I mean really. Who can solve all the worlds problems without one single bathroom break. Kiefer’s got a new show now – which isn’t too bad – but I just can’t watch anything with him in it without waiting for him to shout “DAMMIT!” – even his voiceovers in the Bank of America ads. DAMMIT! Take your card from the ATM!

What shows have ended that you miss?


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