Fearless Females Friday

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

Raising three daughters, I’m constantly trying to show them positive examples of strong women for them to model after. There are so many women doing so many amazing things today – and honestly – all throughout history. But I realized that while women around the world may have a big impact on my life (and theirs), so many of the women that I know personally also fill that bill and I wanted to take the time to honor them, their accomplishments, and why I think it’s important for you to know about them! The gist of the series is that each of these women were each given five (plus 1!) questions to answer – all different from the others for the most part and the plus 1 they all got – favorite quote and why. I hope you enjoy getting to know these Fearless Females and follow them in their paths as they set great examples not just for women and girls, but everyone.

It was just over a year ago today – 368 days to be exact (Leap Year!) that Stephanie Carls featured me on her site in her Leading Ladies series and I thought it only fitting to kick off my own version of that idea with featuring her! Stephanie Carls

Stephanie is one of those women who I swear I cannot remember the exact time that we met but it was at least 8 years ago (!!) and I’m pretty sure it was thru, what used to be the best way to meet others, Twitter! Stephanie at the time had a fabulous YouTube channel called Tweetheart TV where she discussed and reviewed anything tech… apps, social sites, gadgets – you name it Stephanie covered it. She’s since changed her channel a bit and I’ve loved watching how she’s grown and expanded her reach. I learn something every time I watch her videos. Stephanie’s also a well-known influencer who’s worked with some pretty amazing brands over the years. And she does this while holding down a full-time career, speaking at conferences, AND raising a family. Have I mentioned she amazes me?? Stephanie also has a love of anything glitter (she’d love if you sent her one of those glitter bombs in the mail..) and can run a marathon in 4″ heels.

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Stephanie Carls:

Other than your family, what do you feel most proud of?

I am most proud of the ability to recognize opportunities, stay focused on them and continually see them through. With so many shiny objects being thrown at us daily, it’s hard to stay focused on anything! I saw the opportunity early on in video and stuck with it. Although there was a break, it was fun to come back with an increased focus and the drive to continually better my knowledge and technique.


Why did you choose the profession you’re in?

Back in 2008, I was immediately drawn to social media as it was the intersection of communication, marketing, and technology. Three of my favorite things! I saw the way it can change the way companies can communicate with their customers and vice versa. It’s storytelling at it’s finest and it just keeps getting better and better. That is the reason I love digital marketing and choose to stay in this profession. It’s part of my job to continually educate myself in what’s new, whether it’s a new platform or a new opportunity with an added feature. I thrive on education. There’s always something new and exciting happening. While it’s often overwhelming, I find it fuels my passion even more. 13690916_10101829185215272_1190828497614213837_o

What’s inside your refrigerator right now?

Thankfully because of my love of Instacart, my refrigerator is nice and full of fruit, veggies, and the fixings to make dinner for the rest of the week. You also have to have some treats in there, too….. Whipped cream, cookies waiting to be baked, and then my ultimate favorite… white wine.

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What’s on your bucket list that people would be surprised to find?

Although it also terrifies me, I would love to ride in a hot air balloon. Riding high above a gorgeous countryside and taking in the view…It would be 360 degrees of spectacular. Maybe I’ll start to look at somewhere such as Napa Valley Balloons considering they have a lot of festivals planned in many different states across the United States, I’ll have to catch one!

What is the one thing that you cannot start your day without?

My phone, but hey….not for the addiction reasons you are thinking! While I do check notifications, my biggest reason for reaching for my phone first thing in the morning is to double-check my schedule for the day as well as get a head start on my reading. I’ll go through some of the news for the day and whatever I don’t get to at that moment, I toss into Pocket to read later.


What is your favorite quote and why does it mean so much to you?

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.” – Gina Carey

Challenges are given to us every single day and there is a lesson that can be learned. Each one of these challenges will help shape you into who you will ultimately become. Taking on challenges only makes you stronger, so keep ‘em coming!

(Of note… this is one of my favorite quotes, too!!)

And can we talk about her totally adorable family?!

One thing you can't see is Stephanie's bouquet which had a GoPro tucked in it!!

One thing you can’t see is Stephanie’s bouquet which had a GoPro tucked in it!!




Much love and appreciation to Stephanie for being the inaugural Fearless Females!! Make sure you follow her on her social sites: