camping with girl scouts

Saturday Select and Why I’m All Blair Witch-y

Happy Saturday, dear reader. As you’re reading this post, you’re probably in your jammies.. sipping a hot cup of coffee and if you’re REALLY lucky – you’re doing all this before your kids get up and you have to kick it into high gear and drag them all over God’s green earth.  But not me. I’m not really here right now.
You’ll never believe where I am right now.
No. Go ahead and guess.
Give up?
I’m camping with Cassie and her Girl Scout troop. Like.. in the middle of the wilderness with no electricity or internet. And I’ve been hoodwinked promised that the weekend is going to be all this…..
camping with the scouts

So then, why do I feel all Blair Witch-y about it?!

camping with girl scouts
So you go ahead and enjoy that hot coffee and your warm fuzzy slippers while you read my favorite finds from the week. And seriously.. if you don’t see me on Twitter by 2pm on Sunday, please send help.

Here are some of my favorite posts and videos that I saw this week! 

10 facts to perk you up on the bra’s 100th anniversary Can I get a raise of hands from everyone who hates wearing a bra? But thanks to mother nature and gravity, it’s a necessary evil. Or rather it would be an evil if we DIDN’T. There are some fun facts about bras and their history (HERSTORY!!) in  this post. 

Sorry We Woke You, But Your Daughter Threatened Suicide  This post from Sarah Day at Parent Your Business blew my mind this week. We have friends who went thru a very similar situation except that in their case, the kids parents did not call them to alert them that there may be something going on. All parents need to read this post and know how to handle the situation before it happens in their own house. Hopefully none of us will need it but you just never know.

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My apologies for not being able to find the original source of this and instead having to embed Facebook here but I loved this video that much. You just never know when an act of kindness is going to be repaid. Sometimes it takes 30 years.

I am SO grateful that I don’t work for one of the BIG agencies that not only expect but demand their staffers become lifers. This video is a (funny) parody of agency life… love the guy who knocks his wife out with his laundry.


Before the bestie knocks me out for lying, I have to “update” my status and tell you that sadly, our camping trip was modified slightly because 2 girls (1 being my own) had to back out. But I thought my original post was too funny to not post so can you please go back to thinking I’m in the middle of the wilderness??

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