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Krispy Kreme Gets Serious About Coffee

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One of the oldest doughnut makers in the country is out to change how you look at its coffee. For years, coffee has just been a side product to the melt in your mouth Krispy Kreme doughnut but that’s changing and you are going to be blown away.

I was recently invited to the only Krispy Kreme location in the WORLD that has a full-blown coffee bar complete with Baristas.Meet the Krispy Kreme Baristas!

This store is located just minutes from their headquarters (you did know that Krispy Kreme is one of our home-grown gems here in the Triad, right??) and will be the prototype for more stores like this around the country. They wanted us to come and learn about the different varieties of coffees they offer – both hot and cold – and they even paired them with our doughnuts!! Are you jealous yet??

What coffee pairs best with your favorite doughnuts?

Toby Freeman, Master Roaster for S&D Coffee, took the time to educate us on the complex flavoring that goes into the custom roasted coffees. Prefer your coffee lighter? Then you can expect to find hints of citrus, vanilla, and green tea. Middle of the road person (aka Medium roast)? How about brown sugar, anise, and cinnamon! If you’re like me and take your coffee bold and dark, you can expect to taste liquid smoke (no lie!!), blueberry filling (guess which doughnut this pairs well with?!), and dried cherries. Having a little tutorial and the different flavors in front of us as we sipped, you can definitely taste the different tones. I don’t consider myself a coffee snob, but I do like good coffee and the new Krispy Kreme coffees exceeded my expectations.

The flavorful undertones in Krispy Kreme coffee

Like I mentioned above, I’m a “take it black” coffee kind of girl. On rare occasion I’ll hit up a coffee shop for a frozen concoction but that’s about it. Krispy Kreme has also introduced a huge assortment of sweet coffee drinks – either served over ice or frozen (hey – summers in NC are HAWT!! we’ll be indulging in these for sure!!). I got to hang out with DeMarcus who was the happiest barista I’ve ever met.. DeMarcus loves to mix up his frozen treats and if you just don’t know what you want? That’s okay – he’ll make you his personal favorite – the Iced Vanilla Latte!

Krispy Kreme Barista DeMarcus

I’ll admit I was more than just a little buzzed on sugar and caffeine by the time our event was done.. not a bad thing but WHOOO! I was a little concerned about sleep that night. As much as I loved learning about all the new coffees, I’d be lying if I told you that was the highlight of my night. More than the doughnuts and coffees and education, the thing I loved the most was….

Turning on the Hot Now sign!

Yup. They actually have a switch in the back that’s labeled “Hot Now” and it only gets flipped at the permission of the manager. AND I GOT TO TURN IT ON!!! How cool is that?!

Okay! So here are some other fun things you need to know about what Krispy Kreme has in store for you:

  1. The popular Spring doughnuts are back on February 29th
  2. The Carmel Mocha is going to be a permanent part of the menu!
  3. Make sure you download their Hot Light app to know where there are hot doughnuts, accumulate points, pre-order and more!
  4. If you’re not aware, they have K-Cups available! I was skeptical but they’re GREAT!
  5. They have a new product debuting in April but I’m sworn to secrecy 😉

Trust me, it’s not hard to get me to brag about Krispy Kreme… I grew up eating their doughnuts… missed them madly when I lived outside of NC… cheered loudly when they expanded and am a loyal fan as is most of my family. Some of my family were even looking into opening a franchise coffee shop (That’s right, i’m calling it that now) of their own after finding this link that said to click here to learn more about just love coffee cafe. I don’t think they would want to sell donuts though, which is fine – It means I’d still have a reason to head down to Krispy Kreme! If my family did open a franchise coffee shop, they’d definitely have to look into training in hospitality to get used to this sort of industry. Back to Krispy Kreme, I have no idea how soon they’ll be rolling out the new coffee shops but if you are ever driving through my area of NC, let me know and I’ll meet you at the one here. Maybe DeMarcus will be there to whip us up one of his creations!!

**Disclaimer – I was NOT compensated for this post. Well, other than caffeine and sugar.. but that’s it. All statements and opinions are mine alone!**