There’s a little place in Chicago that serves up some wicked, sinful creations. It’s not deep-dish pizza although that’s pretty darn tasty, too. Not the Chicago style hotdog or Italian beef but rather this treat comes in a wax paper bag…

It’s Garrett Popcorn and it is wicked, sinful awesome good. You can always tell when someone’s been gnoshing on some Garrett’s.. their hands and their face are stained this hideous yet beautiful shade of yellow-orange and you feel the overwhelming urge to lick them.

Okay..maybe that’s a bit much but you get the gist. I fell in love with Garrett’s while living in Chicago. Nothing was better than rolling out of their store on Michigan Avenue with warm, CaramelCrisp popcorn. ACK!! I miss having it so readily available (my waist, however, is grateful) and while they do ship, I prefer to keep it as a special treat. I am not ashamed to admit that when I do get my orange hands on Garrett’s, I hide it from the kids. Yes.. I am a bad mommy. I might dole out a kernel or two but you better not get too close or limbs could get lost.

When I travel, I get unnecessarily excited when I have a layover at O’Hare. Why?

Because there’s a Garrett kiosk there, duh.

I also get overly excited when the bestie travels through O’Hare (which is a lot more frequently than I) because she’s an amazing enabler of our Garrett addiction and almost always brings me back a little treat. Which is exactly what she did the last time she flew thru on her way home from vacation. She sent me the teaser text that she had stopped and picked up our dose of pleasure to share when she got home.
Except when she got home she had to break the news that it was without the Garrett’s.

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WHAT?! What happened??

Seems in an unfortunate series of delays and events, she had exited the plane unknowingly leaving our Garrett’s behind. I had visions of the United aircrew sitting around sipping tiny bottles of bourbon eating our Chicago Mix popcorn. The horrors!!

So began the friendly bantering back and forth on Twitter:


For the record, Garrett’s rocks with their social media and it didn’t take them long to pick up on our woes of popcorn lost because shortly after that, came the money shot. Or money tweet…

And you know what? They made it right… just because. I mean, it wasn’t THEIR fault that travel delays struck and the popcorn went missing. But they’re as passionate about their customer service as they are their popcorn and a few days later the “missing” popcorn was on each of our doorsteps.

Any my fingers were coated in that orange deliciousness in no time flat.

And yes, I actually shared this time 🙂

I thanked them profusely for their generous show of amazing customer service but thought it only fitting to give them and the bestie an “official” and public thanks. If you’re ever in Chicago or are looking for quality popcorn shipped to you, please call our friends at Garrett’s.. you will not be disappointed – trust me. Addicted, yes. Disappointed, never.

And no.. I was not paid for this post and I’m not looking for anything in return.

Unless there happens to be a kernel or two laying around…

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PS.. As a sidenote, I would like to point out that it’s January 31st and this is my 31st post of the month.. my first round of Blogher’s NaBloPoMo and I didn’t miss a day. How do you like me now?! 😉


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