It’s the Summer Solstice!!! We’ve been waiting for you sweet, Summer!! This week’s blog share party is devoted to summer!! What you love about it, what you do during it, what you cook for it – whatever your little heart desires to write about this week for Summer – do it!! Then, bring that post over here to the link up so we can see what you’re all about in your sun-drenched deliciousness!

Once I get done with my root canal on Friday, I’m going to do a post on my favorite summer foods to make, so I thought it would be fun to tell you about a few of my favorite FOOD bloggers!!

YumVeg – Arminda is a great friend of mine and she inspires me to WANT to eat healthier. She’s vegan and I know that I won’t go that far (I live for cheese. And wine.) but take a look at the healthier options that she whips up.. like her tagline says – these are NOT your grandma’s veggies!!

Nik Snacks – My girl Nikki is smoking hot right now! Not only is she keeping her blog updated with awesome recipes, but she’s THE official blogger for the Fire in the Triad competition series. She’s been a personal chef, a food tour guide and is frequently on TV cooking up a storm. Plus she cooks with her grandma’s cast iron skillet.

Favorite Family Recipes – What do you get when you have four sisters sharing their favorite family recipes? Well, first you get the title of a blog but more importantly, you get a collection of awesome recipes that is varied and yummy. I’ve yet to see something that I wouldn’t make.

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