Where to find ugly christmas sweaters

3 Places Find the Most Amazing Ugly Christmas Sweaters

All Hail the Ugly Christmas Sweaters

If you’re over the age of 35, there’s a really good chance your grandma or great-aunt Loyce gave you ugly Christmas sweaters. But she didn’t mean for it to be ugly – she honest to God thought it was beautiful and that you would be thrilled to the moon to wear it. You weren’t and as soon as your mom had a couple glasses of egg-nog in her, you shoved that ugly Christmas sweater deep into the corners of your toy box and if you were lucky, by the time your mom asked where it was, you had already outgrown it.

Now let’s flash forward to today and you WISH you had that treasure trove of ugly Christmas sweaters to pick from because who doesn’t go to at least ONE Ugly Christmas Sweater party?? But, without fail, anytime you get invited to one and you start looking for an ugly Christmas sweater, they are nowhere to be found. You can’t be a lame duck and the only person who’s dressed inappropriately appropriate, so I’m here to help you out….

3 Places to Find the Ugliest Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Donation Stores

We’ve grown accustomed to searching the local donation stores every time we go in just to see if they by chance happen to have any on the racks. Definitely look from January – October because finding any after Halloween is virtually impossible. Want to increase your odds? Go to the ones that are in some Podunk town. When we were in Chillicothe, OH for Thanksgiving we ran into their Salvation Army and found THREE cringe-worthy tops that we could all pool from this season. Our local Goodwill even has ugly christmas sweater contests where you can win a gift card to their stores.

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Where to find ugly christmas sweaters

Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

No luck finding an ugly Christmas sweater at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army? Grab a plain sweater or sweatshirt yourself and hit the dollar store for some Christmas decorations. Add some lights, small Christmas tree balls and more. Or you can even grab a complete kit and make it a family craft night!

Where to find ugly christmas sweaters

Go Big and Buy It!

Not crafty and can’t find any that are tacky enough in your local stores? Buy them online! Tipsy Elves is a site that is nothing but ugly, tacky, and sometimes crass Christmas sweaters. When given the selection, I had a really, really hard time choosing which one I loved more.. so many awesome designs to choose from! I finally decided on the Santa riding a unicorn because let’s get real… the only thing more magical than Santa is a unicorn. My friend Cristi’s husband surprised her with the Birthday Boy design and let’s just say, friends were hard pressed to decide which one reigned ugly-supreme. This baby will definitely get a lot of use over the next few weeks and years!

Where to find ugly christmas sweaters

Those are my 3 ideas on where to find ugly Christmas sweaters…. do you have any favorite places to look?


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