Watching three girls go from womb to now, I have had the privilege of learning/realizing that yes the uniqueness of girlsindeed, some things do just come to girls naturally. It’s like a code of honor that Mother Nature plants in their heads while they’re being created. Here are a few that I find worthy of comment…

You must never, ever go to the bathroom alone. What happened in the bathroom, so long ago that we now must never go alone? If you have to go and there’s another female around, you’re going together. My girls do that, as well. I almost fell out of my chair the first time my oldest turned to her friend (they were 5 at the time) and demanded she go with her to the bathroom.  The Rooster looked at me in HORROR! “It’s true! It IS born in you to do that!”

The phone is your best friend. I can’t peg the official age that this started but holy crap. What is it about a kid, a school roster and the phone? It’s like dialing for dollars and the dollars are play dates. They just don’t get the concept that really, everyone does NOT sit by the phone waiting for YOU to call. These girls will call, get voice mail, leave a message and if I’m lucky, ask me in 10 minutes if they can call back because they just know that So&So just got back home and they are going ot call anyhow.  If I’m NOT lucky, I invariably will be informed one day that the 9 year old called 4 times within 20 minutes demanding a call back. It’s like Single White Female all over again. Luckily, I’m down to one without a cell phone (or unlucky depending how you look at it), so I only have to worry about one who dials for dates.

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Two is company, three is a crowd. This one is pretty simple.. being the mom to three girls, I don’t have a lot to compare it to (as far as play dates with boys), but I know for certain that 3 friends don’t make for a fun play date. 2? perfect. Even 4 to some extent. But odd numbers? Fuhgetaboutit. I’ve even been known to comment that yes, in fact, I DO wish we’d have a 4th kid just for that very reason. Of course, it’s easy to say that when we’ve surgically been guaranteed that won’t happen.

A closet full of clothes does NOT mean you have anything to wear. Don’t think that I have to go into this with great detail but suffice it to say that I can buy out Justice, Aerie and TCP and STILL they won’t have anything that resembles an outfit worthy of eating at McDonald’s much less a more “formal” setting such as photos. And now that the oldest has “discerning” taste, God forbid should I shop for her without her.

I know there will be plenty of other “girls only” idiosyncrasies that I have missed but these are the ones that fell out of my head today. What about the Mom’s of boys?  What are their little things that are just innate?


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