Halloween Costumes Inspired by Hollywood!

We’re on the tail-end of Halloween and trick or treating around here and I will tell you – it’s bittersweet. It’s one of my favorite Drawing Halloween costume inspiration from your favorite Netflix streaming shows!times of the year and I think I have as much fun as the kids do thinking of the best costume and then watching it come to life. I love seeing the costume themes that everybody comes up with. Our neighbours went for a western theme this time around and got all their gear from Cowboy Hardware. They looked pretty badass, it must be said

Over the years, pretty much all of the kids costumes have been inspired by favorite shows and movies and this year’s costumes were no different. Cassie drew inspiration from the super-popular Despicable Me movies and went as an Evil Minion – complete with crazy, purple hair. Sydney was all about The Walking Dead and trolled the neighborhood as a prom going zombie. Mackenzie’s interest in dressing up has waned a bit, but she still managed to pull together a (conservative!) school girl look. We tried to convince her to go with Pippy Longtocking, but she was having none of that.

I love looking back thru all the pictures and remembering how much they love this holiday and as long as they’re willing to dress up, you know I’m here to help them piece it together! Which Netflix or other shows and movies have your kids drawn inspiration from for their costumes?

DISCLAIMER: We’re big fans and long-time subscribers of Netflix and I’m proud to be a member for the Netflix StreamTeam. I received a Netflix subscription and a streaming device in return for posting awesome posts like these and keeping you up to date! All opinions, of course, are my own.

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