What If You Won the Powerball?

We didn’t win the Powerball tonight so we’ll be staying in town this Christmas. Steve and I differ on winning the powerball how we’d take our payout – I want the 20 year payment and Steve wants the one-time lump payment. Like everyone else, I allow myself an ounce of daydreaming on what I’d do if we did win the Powerball, so tonight I made a list. Of course, this list is based on the fact that we win a big one – over $150 million big. Because if we go with Steve’s plan, that would only be $50 million or so. Yeah.. I’d still take that. So, here’s the list for all you money hungry people that want to be suck ups to our Powerball fortune 😉

  1. Each parent would get $500,000. Retire. Please. Preferably in a place that I can come and vacation which also means you will each need to pick some place different. If you need ideas, I have them.
  2. Each sibling would get $250,000. That’s it. Spend it. Invest it. Give it away. But once it’s gone, it’s gone. We trust you’ll do something smart with it.
  3. Each of our girls would get $1,000,000 in a very secure trust. I’d like to work it so that the interest could pay for their education so that I could save some money there. They can’t get to it until they’re 25 or we die – whichever comes first. This money also needs to pay for their weddings. If they’re smart, they’ll elope and save themselves some coin.
  4. Take a huge vacation with all of our closest friends. I’m thinking an all expenses paid cruise. We’ll cover airfare and cruise – liquor and gambling is on you. I know how people get when it’s an open bar and I’m not up for babysitting your kids while you’re out getting cray-cray in the casinos. My money, my rules. But you will have free time to spend how you see fit.
  5. New house with a kick-ass kitchen. Okay.. with that much Powerball money, it better have a kick-ass everything else, too but the kitchen is my achilles heel. Oh – and an outdoor kitchen like Guy Fieri has. And a guest house. Maybe two. Or maybe one with 2 separate wings. I want our parents and out of town friends to be able to come and stay for extended lengths of time and have their own space.
  6. I’d call Dave Scheumann ASAP. I might even call Dave before I told Steve we won. At the very least, I’d send him a DM via Twitter and hope that I didn’t send him into a cardiac arrest. I’ve already told Dave that when I make the big money and move to the Caribbean, I fully expect him to make house calls to manage my vast fortune. Luckily, he was cool with that idea. Dave’s the best damn accountant that I know and he’d probably tell me that I couldn’t do #’s 1-5 before I did #7 which would be…
  7. Call an attorney who has body guards on speed dial. Because once we won, we’d have all kinds of crazies on our doorsteps claiming to be long-lost whatevers. Trust me, I know who my relatives are and I’ll say it now – unless you’re in my address book on my iPhone – no story you tell me will convince me that I owe you anything from my Powerball winnings.
  8. Donate, donate, donate. I have several favorite charities that I’d like to support with more than just my voice. I’m not sure the amount that I’d offer but it would be substantial.
  9. I wouldn’t quit my job. It helps that I own my job so instead of quitting, all the things that we’ve wanted to do to grow our company would actually get done. I think the idea of quitting is glamorous, but I know me and I know that eventually I’d get bored of lounging around the pool. Oh wait! The bonus of being your own boss is that you can do BOTH!! Lounge around the pool and get work done! Maybe our new offices would have a pool… Double bonus!
  10. Travel. There are so many places that I want to go that I’m not sure I’d know where to start. Maybe I would take a sabbatical with the family over the summer and tour the world so that we could touch on them all. Then, once I knew which countries I liked the best, go back and see them in depth.
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Okay – that’s only 10 things. I know there are more that I’d do but right now – it’s only a daydream.

What’s on your Powerball list?


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