Eat, Drink, and Kiss Away with LipSense

Did you watch Happy Days when you were a kid or later in reruns? Remember the Fonz? Fonzie was one slick dude and all the ladies loved him. In today’s time, the Fonz might even be considered a player (who knows… maybe he was considered one back then, too…) but he was smooth and a wealth of relationship advice and one very important rule he taught was “Leave no marks”. Pretty sure he was giving a lesson on why hickeys are not considered in good taste.. at least when they can be seen by John Q. Public.Totally kissable color with LipSense

Same can be said for leaving a trail of lip color on someone’s clothes. Just… don’t.

I was blessed with a good set of lips so I love wearing lip color. What I don’t like is lip color that is high maintenance… If I have to reapply lip color all day, it’s not happening. I talk too much… I drink too much coffee and water during the day and of course, I eat. Between all those things, I need a lip product that I can put on, forget about it, and still have it look fierce all day or night.

LipSense Liquid Lip Color

I first discovered LipSense last year at the NC Wine Festival. I was looking for a red that I could wear and not look like a clown. Since there are SO many varieties of red, it’s really hard to find the right one… get the wrong undertone and it looks AWFUL. What made me stop was the sign proclaiming it was an 18-hour lip color – wha?! 15 minutes later, I was convinced and walked away with a beautiful red that I’m still wearing on special occasions or whenever I’m feeling particularly sassy.

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This stuff is amazing.. it is waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof, and non-drying and it lasts for HOURS. Maybe not a full 18 hours but definitely all day or night and can definitely stand up to eating, drinking, and yes – kissing 🙂 It leaves no marks on anything – cups, forks, and even someone’s collar. Consider it Arthur Fonzerelli approved. 

RedGate Beauty

Sonya at RedGate Beauty is an independent distributor of LipSense and when I heard she was looking for ladies to try out some of the new colors of LipSense, I reached out to her. It’s hard to pick out colors in the stores but it’s REALLY hard to do it online but I found one (Plumeria) that I thought would be a good one for me and ordered it. When it arrived, I was really worried that it would be too pink and too bright for my skin color but I was VERY pleasantly surprised and excited to see how good it looked on me!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s bright but not in a bad way. Perfect for everyday wear and it’s a color that just makes me happy wearing it. What do you think? Is it a keeper for me?

Part of the “magic” of LipSense is the top gloss that you have to wear with it. Last year I chose the glossy gloss but this time I chose the opal gloss (although the pull of the silver glitter gloss was strong…next time!) which I LOVE… it adds a really cool iridescent sheen to the color. Actually, can’t wait to try the opal gloss with my red! Sexy!!

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Want to see all the amazing colors from Sonya and LipSense? Check out RedGate Beauty here!

If you haven’t tried LipSense yet, I highly recommend it and I’m sure that Sonya would love to chat with you about all the great features of the product as well as help you pick the perfect color (or two!) for you!

Added bonus!!! Use the code bloggymoms15 and get 15% off your order! For that, you can get two or three!


Disclaimer – I received the Plumeria LipSense in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine 🙂