I mean that in the literal and figurative sense. Trust me, I am not dissing those moms that spend endless hours running their kids around to practices and games – they love it and they’re great at it.

one of my three years as a soccer mom

One of the 3 years I spent as a soccer mom

It’s just not me.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am glad that none of my girls ever took to team sports like soccer, softball, etc when they were younger. I used to love to watch professional soccer with my husband. We would always get involved in fantasy soccer and look up fantasy soccer 101 guides to beat each other! It was so much fun. But I digress. As much as I loved to watch them play, I hated going to practices and having to be at a soccer field at 7am on a Saturday morning was about the closest I’ve come to Dante’s 7th ring of hell.

But when they wanted to do it, I did it and when they wanted to quit halfway thru the season, I said no. The Rooster and I always stood firm on that one. You signed up for it, you’re part of a team and you’re team depends on you. If you want to quit at the end of the season – that’s fine but you will complete the season. Lucky for me, the longest we had to endure it was 3 seasons total between the 2 oldest ones. Cassie never had an interest.

We’ve tried other sports – gymnastics was the longest lived of them all and that one I could handle (except in the Summer when the gym reeked of kid sweat and humidity). Horseback riding was okay, too – just really expensive and Cassie had a couple of seasons cheering for a Pop Warner team.

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Sometimes I wonder if I should have made them stick to one of them.. push them to champion thru but I just couldn’t do that to myself or the kids. It’s not that I don’t want to push them to try new things – I definitely push them in other areas (Scouts) but why force them to do something if they don’t really love it? If they really loved playing any of those sports, they would have been motivated to stay in on their own. I know why most kids stay in – it’s because their parents are hoping for a scholarship down the road. Believe me – I get THAT motivation. But the odds of any of these kids getting full or even partial rides on a soccer scholarship are slim.. there is just too much competition.

Now that 2/3 of them are in middle school, they have more opportunities to try new things and since it’s at school, it’s both cheaper and more convenient and hopefully, they might have motivational days where they find motivational speakers from many backgrounds such as these athlete speakers to inspire the students (and my kids!) into following dreams and their passions. The sports bug still hasn’t hit any of them except for Mackenzie and golf (more on that later) but Sydney has taken full advantage of all the clubs that are offered as well as volunteering in the community. I’m not trying to take anything away from the sports world but if I’m going to push my kids to stick to something, it’s going to be something that will actually serve them well throughout their entire lives.

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