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Greta over at G Funkified does this fun little thing called #iPPP which stands for “iphone photo phun” and when I was checking hers out, I was like man! I have a ton of pictures but haven’t done a post with one in a while. At least I don’t think I have…

Anyhow.. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d take the last 14 pictures that were taken on my phone – no matter what they were. Anyone knows that kids + smart phone = surprising pictures sometimes.

I thought about putting all 14 individually but realized no one wants that, so opted for a numbered collage with descriptions below. So without further ado… here they are:

fun with iphone photos

  1. That’s my girl SueMo taking delivery of 43 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Would it ruin the story if I said they weren’t all for her?
  2. Sydney’s French class decided to celebrate Mardi Gras with homemade King Cakes. Lucky for her, I hold on to stupid things like old babies and beans.
  3. Cassie has plastered her door with posters. One is a reading club sign up form and the other is this one – a dire warning for her and her dog. Most vicious thing on that dog is her farts. Beyond that, you’ll just get licked to death.
  4. Ah… the Blue Bitch in St. Maarten. If I can’t be there, guess I can drink from the cup.
  5. This. This is the bear that was bought as a Valentine’s Day gift for the teen’s first beau. We had to return it because it had a hole in it’s head. The bear, not the beau.
  6. Awesome birthday cake for my business partner and great friend, Adrienne. The cake was almost as incredible as her.
  7. That’s “the” pile. You know.. the one you create for your significant other for them to do something with. The one that just sits there. This one’s been there for 5 days already. Any bets on how much longer it will be there?
  8. Mackenzie and I were interviewed last week about teens and social media accounts. It was her first time on camera.. I’ll post the interview once it airs!
  9. What happens when you have Girl Scouts selling cookies? You have empty boxes! And what do you do with empty boxes? You make clothes of course!
  10. The text between me and Mackenzie that led to #5. I may or may not have given her the advice to always let them shower you with bigger gifts.
  11. This is Sydney. Being Sydney. Love that kid.
  12. My obnoxious plea for Shorty Award votes. Hey… I beat Britney Spears and the Bieb’s mom last year, you can help me qualify again!!
  13. An amazing sunset in the beautiful Triad area.
  14. What do you do when you can’t remember which Cheese-Its to get? Text a picture for confirmation, naturally!
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So there you have it… the last 14 pictures on my iPhone and a little sneak peek into the normal life of the Daukas family. Whatever normal is…

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Hope you have an amazeballs day and you’re showered with love – even if that love is from yourself.




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