It’s the sound heard around the world. No, not Babe Ruth’s infamous home run.. it’s the collective LOBS party no kids allowedsound of parents everywhere breathing a sigh of relief that school is back in session. And if it’s not back for you yet, have no fear dear friend.. it’s coming soon!

Look, I love my kids. I love the relaxed attitude of the summer but I also love routine and by the beginning of August, I am so ready for that routine that I will start practice making lunches just for grins and giggles.

I have a friend here who started a tradition when her oldest was in Kindergarten that I LOVE… she and a group of friends drop their kids off for their first day.. give them a kiss and then beat track to the salon where they splurge on massages and pedicures. Shannon, if you’re reading this.. I want to know why I’ve never been asked to get some of THAT action??

So now that the kids are out the door, what are you doing for yourself? That’s the them of this week’s LOBS.. it’s all about you, Mama!! Share your favorite YOU post.. it can be about anything but the one thing that it CAN’T be about is your kids. We’ll boot you to the door quicker than a bouncer at the top club in NYC. Also.. mama Crystal says to keep it clean. Or at least keep it to PG-13.. none of us need to get bounced off our sites because of nasty stuff.

So here’s the lay of the land if you’re new around here or are like me and suffer from CRS (can’t remember sh*t):

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