Fearless Female: Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich Gini is another one of my friends that I initially met via Twitter more than 7 years ago and I was immediately taken with how amazing she was. She was like Girl Boss before Girl Boss was a thing. Gini is well-known and well-respected in the PR and... read more

Fearless Females Friday: Blanca Cobb

Blanca Cobb: Body Language Expert Blanca and I met almost 5 years ago after she had started a trendy little t-shirt company and was looking for help with her marketing and social media. It was also that same summer when the John Edwards trial was happening and Blanca... read more

Fearless Females Friday: Tanya Rivera

Fearless Females Friday I met Tanya Rivera probably 4 years ago but I know she doesn’t remember that because I was just a fan girl bugging her at some event she was doing an appearance at. I always loved watching her on WFMY because she was (is!) such a warm and... read more