Little Entrepeneurs

Like most parents, one thing that I'm always striving to teach my kids is that they can be whatever they want to be.  Chances aren't that great that you'll be POTUS, but really.. who wants that job anymore?  So many of us have either suffered from the economic and employment crisis of the past 3 years that isn't it time that we show our kids that they shouldn't limit themselves to a life in a 9 – Lifer? Kidentre

Cassie has been at a "backyard" camp this week. This is her 2nd year at Camp Canterbury and she loves it.  What I love about it is that it's "run" by 2 teenage girls with the assistance of their mom who really only plays a background role in the project Seriously.. these girls have created a great Summer job for themselves.  They have 14 girls there for the week and charge the moms $100 a piece. After you take out the cost of supplies (and they use a lot of recycled items such as tubes, jars, etc) at the least, I figure each of the girls makes $500 for the week.

Not bad coin for a 13 and 16 year old is it?

I applaude their mom for letting them run with it.. it can't be easy to have 14 4-7 year old little girls take over their backyard, but the lesson that she's teaching her daughters is amazing.

All parent's need to take that lead and not just tell their kids they "can be anything" but SHOW them how it's done.

Happy Friday!



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