I can’t believe that I have not had a text worthy of a Text-as post in over 6 months!! But worry not, friends… I have a couple lined up and they are doozies.Welcome to text-as!  welcome-to-textas-2014
Welcome to text-as!
Welcome to text-as!

This one is super special because it’s our FIRST one from the wee-est little Hen! I have heard that the life of being the youngest child can be quite challenging. You’re always being babied and your older siblings always make you the fall-guy to the things they don’t want to get busted for. So what’s a little kid to do? Well, if you’re in this family, you make technology work FOR you.

Apparently, Hen #2 was digging into the snacks that are classified for LUNCHBOXES ONLY!! and Hen #3 had a feeling that she was going to get blamed for the stash disappearing. Lucky for her, she’s got Steve Jobs on her side.


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