I’m in a little bit of shock right now. I just found out that one of my favorite Twitter friends, Vickie Gammas World(aka @Gammasworld and @Data_Diva) passed away.

Six months ago.

How did I miss this? We didn’t swap tweets every day but pretty frequently – especially when one of our favorite shows was on. We would tweet-ument our opinions on the show as it was happening. It was fun. She was great and we enjoyed each other.

I realized a few days ago that I hadn’t seen her pop up in my stream, so I tweeted:

I miss @gammasworld.. where has she been?

Vickie Young


And then I went to look at her profile and twitter stream.

Her stream is still active but it’s all push tweets of her daily gazette (which is an automated compilation of tweets).. I kept scrolling down and down. It went on and on. My heart started to sink. This is a woman who tweeted A LOT. More than me. Something wasn’t right. The last tweet I could find was in May when apparently she went into the hospital for pneumonia.

Then, I found a tweet from her daughter that said “if you have any questions about my mom, please let me know” so I went to her daughter’s Twitter stream. And scrolled and scrolled. And there it was. In the middle of May.

A tweet that was clearly one of mourning. My heart hurts for Vicki, her daughter and her family. It also hurts for me and all the others that were her circle of friends on Twitter.

Say what you will about social media – that the relationships aren’t “real” but they are. They may be a different version of your real, but they are. Bantering back and forth with people, there are ones that you get close to. You may never meet them in real life but you know each other nonetheless. If you’re active on Twitter, that’s where you go first to share your news, vent about a bad day or something the kids do. Some of the best people I know, I’ve met on Twitter. I’ve been fortunate to meet a few in person and even more fortunate to become friends with them on-going. Twitter is why I started the BWTs (Broads Who Tweet) – so that we could share our lives both on and off-line.

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Vicki was a BWT even though she never got to come to a meetup. I regret that she and I never got to meet in person – in excusable in the fact that we lived in the same town.

One of the good ones is gone and there’s a lump in my throat over someone who I never met in person.

And I’m okay with that because I didn’t have to meet her in person to know that we were friends.

Rest in peace, Vicki. I hope the TV that you’re watching now is full of your favorite shows and no commercials.


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