I wish I could be funny today but I can’t.

Eight years ago, I brought home 2 little brother kittens from a farm in PA.  This was my way of getting over the cat I lost 3 months before and I thought… they’re brothers…they’ll keep each other entertained and out of trouble!  We (I) named them Max and Little E. Max because I always wanted to name a boy that if we’d had one (we didn’t) and Little E was short for Elvis.

Like any pet in any family, they were a part of us. They were mighty hunters who made sure that they evil field mice never reached our doorstep. They stopped the squirrels from stealing our nuts and digging up our tulips. And when those birds would sing in that ridiculously high tweet, they put a stop to that, too.

As the years passed, just like us, they got a little older and a little slower and a whole lot fatter. Max especially took pride in sprawling out across the floor, spreading his girth for all the world to see and step over. When I worked from home, he thought he was doing me favors by plopping down in front of my computer.. surely you need my assistance in writing that post. No? Well then… can I get a little love?  He slept with me like most dogs sleep with their masters.

He was my snuggle buddy. He was the patient of the 2 brothers. Where Little E could be a giant pain in our butts, Max was always there just hanging out. What other cat would let the girls dress him up like Puss in Boots complete with hat and American Girl black boots?

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I started to notice an abnormal amount of lethargy in him a couple of days ago. He had gotten into some kind of altercation with something or someone and ended up with a pretty nasty cut on his cheek. At first I thought it that. But when I noticed his absence Tuesday for almost 24 hours, my first thought was not “hehe.. somebody’s got a girlfriend” but rather “oh no…”. Then yesterday, I noticed he had taken to lying in the corner… or lying in the middle of the floor with no movement whatsoever. When we returned from dinner last night and I found him laying in a pool of water from their overturned water dish, I knew then that something was going south and quickly.

We made the arrangements for Steve to take him to the doctor this morning and just to be on the safe side, I made sure each of the girls said a special goodbye to him – just in case.

It didn’t take long to find out that for some reason, Max’s kidneys had completely shut down. The vet doesn’t know if it was genetic or if he ate or drank something toxic. All we knew is that it wasn’t good. Of course there were options but none were optimistic that Max would survive so we had to make the gut wrenching decision to put our little buddy to sleep.

4 days ago, he was fine and today he’s gone.

I have no idea how Little E is going to react. They’re brothers who have never been apart. The girls are going to be devastated just like Steve and I were. It really sucks having to tell them these things. I feel like I strip away a little piece of their childhood when I have to throw reality in their face.

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On the paperwork today, the Vet wrote that today was Max’s 9th birthday. I think Doc was off by one year but regardless, what a way to “celebrate” your birthday.

I love you sweet Max… I’ll miss you and our warm, fuzzy naps and the sheer joy you brought our family.


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