Today, Mackenzie and I found ourselves alone, with a day ahead of us so we thought we’d do another one of the projects that she had found on Pinterest. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that Mackenzie was an only child and we were doing crayon art of a different kind. We looked at the original pin and decided that we wanted to do it a little bit differently, so we headed to Michael’s for the necessary supplies.

crayola art project

Instead of the originally recommended foam board, we opted for 9×14 blank canvases – this way it could make an instant wall hanging. For the crayons, after initially picking up the cheap, dollar store variety, we decided to go with Crayola and I’m glad we did… I think the colors were richer and the wax probably melted much better. We peeled the top 1/3 of the wrapper off to give it a more “artsy” appearance and then hot-glued them to the canvas. Mackenzie wanted one of them to be cool colors and the other to be warm. Out of a box of 64, I think we used 61.

Once the crayons were in place, we decided to turn our art project into a science project. It’s so hot here, we were curious if the crayons would melt just sitting in the sun. We put the blue/green/ “cool” color piece of art in the sun and then used the hair dryer on the red/orange “warm” one.  It doesn’t take long at all under the hair dryer for the crayones to start melting. If you can, try and hold the dryer as vertical as possible. We noticed that if you move it back and forth, the wax started to blow and we were going for a true “drip” look.  We finished that one and since we had checked the internet and found out that it would take a temperature of 130• (it’s hot here but luckily, not THAT hot), brought the other one over to finish it with the hair dryer as well.

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I love how they both turned out and we both wished that there had been more yellow in the one. The only other thing that I would change is maybe throw some glitter on it before the wax hardened. This was such an easy art project to make that I would highly encourage anyone looking for fun, colorful art for a kids room to definitely make this one.

Making the art was fun but spending an entire day one on one was the beauty in the day for me. With 3 of them, I don’t get to do that with ANY of them very often, so when the opportunity presents itself, I really don’t care what we do. I really love to watch her get excited over the projects that she finds on Pinterest.. wonder what our next one will be??