McDonald’s Breakfast – All Day, FULL Menu, Happier Moms!

Get McDonald’s Breakfast All Day and All Night!

Flash back to this time last year. You’d wake up on a Saturday morning – no rushing around, no kids to have to school, just time to putz around and have your coffee enjoying the calmerTriad area McDonald's are one of two regions in the country to get full breakfast menu all day long! schedule. Suddenly, it was 10:00 and you realized that everyone was hungry and you didn’t feel like cooking so you would either throw everyone in the car or take orders and rush to the closest McDonald’s saying that little chant “please don’t let me be late for breakfast, please don’t let me be late for breakfast”. Only to pull up to the drive-thru speaker at 10:31 and be faced with them turning the signs around from breakfast to lunch.

Crap. No biscuits for you. It’s either a Big Mac and fries or you’re going to the Harris Teeter and making breakfast sandwiches yourself… all while muttering under your breath “WHO eats burgers at 10:30 anyhow?!”.

Sound familiar?

Last fall, McDonald’s made the HUGE announcement that they would start serving a limited breakfast menu ALL day long. Customers turned out in droves to place their orders as quickly as they could on the nearest available restaurant kiosk to speed the food preparation process along from kitchen to mouth! You’d think they were giving biscuits away as happy as people were. Turns out, it was a smart move for them to (FINALLY!!) do it as they’ve seen store sales increase 10% since that time. I don’t know about you, but breakfast is the best thing McDonald’s has going period. I would say for me, that out of every 5 trips, 4 are ordering breakfast items and the other one is grabbing something for the kids.

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Now two regions in the US are testing out all-day breakfast with the FULL menu and our area, the greater Triad, NC is one of them!! I was invited with three other of my awesome blogger friends, Amy from Atta Girl Says, Ashley from Embracing Beauty, and Kelly from Triad Moms on Main, to come and test…errrr.. TASTE the soft launch on Friday night!

What’s that?? Hang out with some of my favorite bloggers AND feed my family breakfast for dinner?? Sign me up!!

Triad area McDonald's are one of two regions in the country to get full breakfast menu all day long!

What’s on McDonald’s Full Breakfast Menu?

I have a confession… I make pretty amazing sausage gravy. But it’s not exactly something you throw together every morning (not to mention my doctor and the folks at the Y would kill me) so if I’m craving it, I haven’t found any better than McDonald’s. Honest to God it is incredible.

Triad area McDonald's are one of two regions in the country to get full breakfast menu all day long!

So now you know what I ordered… what about the rest of the family? And is what they ordered something they couldn’t before?


We’re in what they consider the “biscuit market” so our all-day breakfast didn’t include any of the muffin sandwiches. The Rooster’s pretty fond of the Egg McMuffin…so you know what he ordered! Sydney wanted to try the McGriddle (sans meat since she’s a vegetarian) and Cassie went for her old standby – the ham and cheese biscuit.

Triad area McDonald's are one of two regions in the country to get full breakfast menu all day long!

I don’t know about you.. and it’s not often.. but there are just days I don’t want to mess with dinner. When Steve goes out of town, we ALWAYS do at least one “breakfast for dinner” night. And now with our local McDonald’s offering the full breakfast menu, all day long, and the fact that it’s literally Triad area McDonald's are one of two regions in the country to get full breakfast menu all day long!3 minutes from our house, I foresee a girl’s night out to get McDonald’s breakfast instead of cooking it at home.

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I have no idea why McDonald’s corporate chose our market as one of the two to have the full menu, but who cares?? I’m just grateful that they did!! I did not hear when the rest of the country is getting the full breakfast but I have to imagine it won’t be long. Because what’s not to love about breakfast for dinner or lunch?

Something Special for Leap Year Babies!!

Is your birthday February 29th? If so, make sure you stop by your local Triad McDonald’s because they want to buy your breakfast!! Whoopdeedoo!! Your birthday only comes once every four years, so take advantage of that birthday treat!!

Thanks to the local store owners for treating all of us and our families to breakfast for your soft launch! It was a great chance to hang out and do what bloggers do best… eat and talk!!









**Disclaimer – I was compensated by McDonald’s for this post but as always, all opinions are my own. And yes, that sausage gravy IS as amazing as I said…”


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