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No Snow In NC – And I’m quite thankful considering all the 3 day weekends we’ve had lately are making all five of us a little stir crazy. While I love the break from the monotony, it really wreaks havoc on our schedules (which I’m a big fan of) and quite often all it does for me is turn me into a taxi driver on a 3 day long shift. Can’t imagine if we were REALLY stuck.

The oldest will line up sleepovers pretty much every night (I still have a hard time not saying play dates) either here or there, which means the other 2 think that it’s their right to also have one. H#3 tends to have more friends who can drop everything for a come as you are slumber party, while H#2 struggles to find anyone at all. So then I’m left playing chauffer AND counselor.

SuperBowl FortySucks – Anyone else completely underwhelmed (again) by the upcoming Super Bowl? If I were in charge, I’d grab the tape deck from 2007, push play and take a vacation. We were already invited to a party and I cannot imagine having any desire to even participate in the festivities – no matter how banging the food is or witty the commercials are(n’t).

Waterboard Torture – I think they messed up the name on this one. Should have been Washer-board Torture. Any family that has 5 or more people in their house will tell you that if you really want to torture someone, make them do the laundry – then argue with kids to sort and put it away and explain that “no – you cannot just wear the same 3 outfits over and over again”.  And for the final touches of torture – if you thought changing diapers was a smelly job, try the sniff test to determine if those kiddie undies are supposed to be in the clean or dirty pile. Instant surrender.

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Finding Nemo 3D – Was excited to get my first press release from the folks at Disney today. This is a tough one for me because I’m not a fan of 3D AT ALL but love, love, love Nemo so I guess that will outweigh the 3D. Plus I’m betting of all the 3D animation, all the underwater shots will actually be pretty cool in 3D.  Here’s the trailer.. movie comes out September 14th, so mark you calendars and grab your glasses!



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January 23, 2012 at 10:16 pm

Finding Nemo in 3D?! AWESOME!!

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