Kids.. I'm here to tell you – when your parents tell you "they remember ___________ " don't roll your eyes and think – Mom.. you can't remember crap. Because I'm here to tell you that I do remember crap and I saw it like a bad flashback tonight. Sports Awards 006

We had the honor of attending the oldest daughter's first Sports Banquet tonight. Remember those? Crowded church hall, mediocre food, coaches stuffed in suits they bury in their closet the other 364 days of the year. Lame jokes and tittering kids.(yes.. tittering.. sounds a lot like teeheehee!) 

Given the fact that M was in the 6th grade and only allowed to be the "manager" of teams, I had a lot of time to look around and observe. And guess what.. things have not changed that much since I was in 6th grade. The main difference that I  can see is that instead of a cell phone, I had a Merlin.

Focus.. Looking around the 'banquet hall' the scene was the same. You had all of the girls dressed in their cute little dresses .. some taking "little" to the extreme… not being a prude here but really? Where the hell are their parents? (They need to read LZ Granderson's article, that's all I have to say.)  Anywhoooo… you have the cute little girls.. seemed that the 6th grade kids did the boys on the left, girls on the right thing. The 7th graders seemed to go half and half.. a little bit more integration and then the 8th graders were full on merged together.

Within my eyesight, there was the token long haired, smiley blond sitting between the gaggle of boys hanging on to her every word. Odd thing is that I never saw her get up and stand with a team so I still have no clue what sport she "played".  I was a little surprised at the large number of the boys who were sporting the Bieber-doo. Perfectly messy hair that they would shake at just the right time.  I have to imagine that it makes the girls swoon because if you can't have the Bieb, at least you can have the hair!

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The one thing that DID blow my mind were the 7th and 8th grade girls with the power bows in their hair. Holy crap.. again.. parents – do you watch your kids walk out of the house?? Power bows on toddlers are bad enough but man – 13 and 14 year olds? Somebody needs their 'mom card' taken away if you knowingly let your daughter out of the house with power bows on.

All in all, it was a good evening. I'm very proud of M for her dedication and commitment to the team – if not to her name being pronounced correctly (figure we have 8 years to train them). It was another Daukas Family first (she did forbid her sisters from coming..) and I'm sure there will be plenty more.

And I'm also sure that none of these scenes will change. Ever.