oh snap saturday the dog edition

Oh Snap! Saturday – How Much is that Dog?

It’s the first Saturday of the year and if you’re like me, you’ve had the past week and a half off and are gearing up to head back to
work and get the kids back in school. We’re all fresh full of goals and resolutions.. ready to take on the world.. at least until January 19th when Girl Scout cookies come out.

Since I was chilling at home, I watched a lot of VSFW videos and since I watched them with Cassie that means there were a lot of videos with dogs. So this week’s Oh Snap! Saturday has literally gone to the dogs!

If I had a GoPro, I would totally do this to Josie. And I’m willing to bet she’d have a similar reaction to being left alone.










Derby the Dog has deformed legs but thanks to some awesome people and a kick-ass 3D printer, he can run now! If you don’t get a lump in your throat from this video, we can’t be friends anymore.










You ate your bed and I’m going to tell on you. Josie did this right after she got her last bed and you know what? She’s sleeping on a bed with a missing corner. #HowDoYouLikeThat?










Laura G told me about this one… why oh why are these puppies always getting into the trash?? And why do they look so sad when they get busted?







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That’s it!! Hope you enjoyed the rewards of me and Cassie having a lot of time on our hands this week.. I’m sure we’ll be back to a variety of things next week!!


January 4, 2015 at 9:37 am

I’m ready to cry about Derby. That is just about the sweetest, most inspiring thing I saw all holiday season!! I’m told my dog just sits and looks out the window when I leave, waiting for the car to come back. I sort of believe it because she is always at the door when I come in. Seems like kind of a sad life, but then its also kind of nice to be missed so much!
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