target thinks girls are pretty

Oh Snap! Saturday: Shame on You Target and Legoland

This is a little mix of good and bad.. because well, the good is great and the bad is Target and Legoland!

First the good –

The Audition – I’ll admit it has taken me YEARS to even come close to shaking the image that Leonardo DiCaprio is not 12 years old and while it’s still a struggle, I’m getting there. (but I still refuse to watch Titanic) This is a ‘fake’ trailer for a movie that pits DiCapri0 and De Niro against each other for a role in a Scorsese film. Kinda wish it were real now..

Heavy Metal Band – Not that kind of band, the other kind. You all know how much we love Sydney’s band teacher.. this is kinda what he’s like.. no joke. Talk about making learning fun. This guy goes by the name of Doc Nix and he’s the Green Machine leader at George Mason University. Dude is awesome.

Now for the #fails of the week….
Target Thinks Girls Are Pretty but Not Good at Math
Oh Target, did you learn nothing from JCPenny?? As the mom to three girls who pushes STEM big time, this really, really ticks me off and makes me glad that I don’t shop at Target. I think Canada is lucky to be losing you, honestly.
target thinks girls are pretty
And Legoland?? Really?? The irony of this is that my 13 year-old is getting ready to compete in state competition for FLL (First Lego League)… robotics…. the ultimate STEM in action. Apparently, in order to really like Legos as a girl, you need a car to take selfies in.
Alright.. that’s my 2 cents worth this week. I have to patch a ceiling and go to a competition on Sunday that is, ironically, Lego League.
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