the hypocrites and their judging of kim kardashian

Please Get Off Kim Kardashian’s Ass

I swore I wouldn’t acknowledge the Kim Kardashian photo shoot. While I was completely mesmerized by her very shiny, oily, oddly HUGE shelf?? of a butt, it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. Say what you will, but the Kardashians – largely led by Mama Kris – have made a lot of money because sex sells. And by sex, I mean sex (literally) and I mean all the other things that go with it. Crazy Hollywood stories and nights. The lingerie, jewelry, clothing and perfume that goes

the hypocrites and their judging of kim kardashian
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with it. The biggest difference here is that they were smart enough to run like the wind with it.

What really bothered me about the Kardashian buzz though was the really awful things that people- mainly women – were saying. I came across one “discussion” on the topic of whether women should put themselves out there once they had kids. There were a lot of comments but here are a couple of the really bad ones:

I am more upset that she said her but us most prized possession….. over her daughter. Pathetic attention whore. Go take care of yourself and child and stop begging to be seen…you have done NOTHING to deserve any of this attention.

I have no problem with her being someone’s mother, I have a problem with her being an attention whore. Guys go and give your attention to the Home page for the hottest online porn, instead of this “celebrity”.

And here were some of the comments on the other side:

Whatever any of the Kardashian’s do, in no way affects my life. Apparently, she’s proud of her body, real or fake, and she owns it. Whatever she decides to tell her daughter, should her daughter ever see the photo or her porno on somewhere like, is nobody’s business but hers. Don’t like the show? Don’t watch it. Don’t like the pictures? Don’t click on them to see them. Don’t approve of her life or what she did to become “famous? Well, she’s not needing any approval from anybody. Live and let live. If it’s not directly related to you and your life…let it go.

I think that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard about the whole ordeal. “You’re someone’s mother.” How do you think that kid got here? Not by NOT enjoying penis. I’m someone’s mother and 11,000 people know that my husband gets blow jobs. Mothers and sexuality are hardly mutually exclusive.

I imagine if you found the women from the first, not-very-nice group in another forum at another time, you may hear them lamenting over how we need to stop the “mom on mom” wars. Yet here they were in Hypocrisyville calling Kim a “whore”. I just don’t get it.

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Our stations are full of reality shows like KUWTK, Honey BooBob, Dance Moms, Real Housewives and a ton more. We preach ant-bullying to our kids while we shhssh them after commercial breaks so we can go back to watching the adult version of bullying. We welcome these celebrities into our home and absorb every ounce of their “glamorous” life and then bash them up one side and down the other under the guise that it’s okay because they did it to themselves.

Say what you will but that’s what they do. They are entertainers. Just like a chef’s job is to create a better and better meal… their job is to create better and better buzz. Are they extreme? Yes. Are they over the top and obnoxious? You bet. But let’s not forget who put them there… the same people who are bashing them.

So the next time Miley or Kim or Justin or Mama June (who else is glad that train wreck is gone?) does something spectacularly awful, act like you would when your 2-year-old threw a temper tantrum and ignore them. If you really don’t like what they represent, stop giving them an audience.

It’s that easy.


November 18, 2014 at 11:23 am

I’m not a huge fan of Kim, but I don’t think hateful remarks are ever the right thing. People can be so cruel. She puts herself out there, but if you don’t like her, just go do something else with your time. Bashing her on FB is only giving her more attention.
Adrienne recently posted..7-Day Raw Cleanse Recap-Days 5 & 6My Profile

November 17, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Well, I’m not really sure that I have anything productive to add to the conversation about Kim. I wish her and her family well. I think that’s about all I’ve got.
Seana Turner recently posted..A Tip for EntertainingMy Profile

November 17, 2014 at 6:48 am

Couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t bother me in the least because I pay zero attention. And, I love the point you made about the women who were bashing her are probably 100% pro-mommies-get-along. Loved that.
Allie recently posted..The Rundown: Off SeasonMy Profile

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