Saturday Snippets 2-25

A whole week without Mackenzie makes for a long week. Looking forward to see her back home tomorrow night but boy is that Monday 6am alarm going to stink for her. Ouch. Oh well. the price you pay for a week in paradise. I’ve heard she’s done really well for her first time skiing and even skied all blues yesterday! Can’t wait to see the photos but for now, this is the best I can give you:


We’ve had it all this week as far as weather goes. Snow on Sunday and then 75° on Thursday and Friday. Of course, today was 40° and windy because we had to go and (wo)man the Girl Scout cookie booth. Luckily we only had to brave the biting wind for an hour and a half so not too bad. I tell you, you really do learn a lot about your town working a cookie booth. Most of the folks either bought from the girls or were nice enough to say they had already bought their allotted amount (thank you for your support!) but the rest were just down right curt or even worse – didn’t acknowledge the girls at all. How do you ignore a kid trying to support her troop?? But that’s another day and another story. I mean.. look how cute they were…


I had to pick up a King Cake earlier this week for Mardi Gras and Sydney noticed they  were going to have an event to celebrate The Lorax movie opening next week so after selling cookies, we headed over to see our friends at Whole Foods and check it out. I love, love this store but whoever designed their parking lot should be shot. It’s always a joke  to get in and out of there but that’s a small price to pay! I had no idea they were having this big of an event.. it was amazing. Some of the hair and makeup students from the NC School of the Arts had come in to do all the makeup on the staff and man did they look awesome! Check this out..

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I think 75% of the staff was decked out. Great job to Jarrett and his team. Syd had a great time with the crafts and stories and I picked up one of their amazing Whole Foods meals to go.. chicken alfredo! Yum!

I may break my vow of never going to the movies tonight. The Rooster wants to see the new Act of Valor movie and it’s probably one of those that will be much better in the theatre than at home.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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February 25, 2012 at 11:52 pm

I like Fresh Market and even Lowes better than Whole Foods…guess I just don’t go enough!!..haha

February 25, 2012 at 11:51 pm

Those are some awesome makeup and hair jobs!!  Amazing to see how this can be done. 
Hope the GS cookie sales went well for you all.  Enjoy Acts of Valor.  I went to see The Artist today and thought I would fall asleep…but too much to follow to fall asleep.  It was awesome too.  Have a great weekend and week.

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